sflogoWhen the gang at Scream Factory partnered up with IFC Midnight to co-release some of the latter’s roster on Bluray, horror fans were given great releases of films like WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD, DARK SUMMER and EJECTA, among other standout genre films. While those titles were all three films that offered genre fans something new or at least something fun, it was only a matter of time before things went sour at least a little bit, and with the newly released three-film set of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE: THE COMPLETE SEQUENCE, we’ve hit that point.




Combining all three films in Tom Six’s trilogy of bad taste, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE: THE COMPLETE SEQUENCE is easily a Bluray set that will please fans of the series, but if you’re either a casual horror fan looking for something entertaining on a Friday night or even a horror fan looking for film with any redeeming qualities whatsoever, the trio of silliness might be something to pass by, while looking for something better, hell ANYTHING better.

The first film in the series, aptly titled THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE: THE FIRST SEQUENCE, tells the story of two American tourists (played by JULIA‘s Ashley C. Williams and FRACTURED‘s Ashlynn Yennie) who find themselves lost in Germany and after being stuck in the middle of nowhere, find themselves at the house of an interestingly eccentric doctor played by German actor Dieter Laser. Faster than you can say drugged, the two women find themselves, along with a Japanese man (played by Akihiro Kitamura), part of an experiment conducted by the doctor involving sewing all three of them into one “human centipede” (with their mouths sewn onto the rear ends to the person in front of them and their digestive tracts acting as one). Once the film gets to that point, which isn’t too far into the film, what it becomes is a series of demeaning act conducted by the crazed doctor, and though it’s a mildly entertaining film that leaves more to the imagination than one would think with the film’s synopsis, still never quite rises above something that would be better suited as a parody film directed by the Zucker Brothers. It really goes nowhere, leaves its viewer wondering what the hell they just sat through, and better yet, why this movie was conceived in the first place. It’s billed as 100% medically accurate, but really, it’s kind of just 100% unnecessary.

Taking the not showing as much as one would have thought angle of the first film and throwing that out the window, Six’s sequel, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2: FULL SEQUENCE opts for showing everything physically possible (in black and white this time around), in what has got to be one of the most disgusting pieces of cinema to even hit home video. This time telling a meta story of a mentally challenged and deranged man of no words (only grunts) played by Laurence R. Harvey (THE EDITOR) who is completely obsessed with the first HUMAN CENTIPEDE films, and is set on recreating it with even more people involved. Even before jumping into that decision, he as viewers gets scenes of the silent character masturbating with sand paper, brutally murdering his domineering mother, and kidnapping Ashlynn Yennie (who plays herself) in hopes of her being in his larger centipede. Once the deranged character, who has no medical knowledge (this one is billed as 100% medically inaccurate) , puts his larger centipede together, we gets laxatives fed to the centipede, complete with the fecal matter brown being the only color shown in the film (a weird nod to SCHINDLER’S LIST‘s red scene perhaps?), as well as a rape scene with barbed wire and baby crushing…it’s a real winner to say the least.

Finishing up this spectacularly bad series, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3: FINAL SEQUENCE brings back both Harvey and Laser, but with them playing a prison warden and his right hand man running an out of control, violence filled prison. With such a large prison population, can you readers predict where this one will be heading?…yep. They hatch the plan to turn the entire prison population into one insanely large centipede, and while the first film was semi-entertaining just by concept and good performances from Williams and Yennie, what we get with this third film in the series is nothing more than a series of just pointless scenes of violence one after the other and not even in an entertaining sense whatsoever. The first film became a cult favorite due to the out of the world concept, and the second film was a hit with ultra-violent gorehounds wanting to fill their nights in between stuff like A SERBIAN FILM, but the third film in the series, which sees the locale moved to the United States this time around, might feature roles inhabited by Eric Roberts and adult star Bree Olsen, but what it doesn’t feature is a single redeeming quality whatsoever.


The highlight of the set is a brand new doc titled THE LADIES OF THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, which features in depth interviews with Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie, Maddi Black and Kandace Caine who all tell various stories of what it was like to work on the first two films, complete with stories of a vegan recipe for poop that they all ate in between shots due to its great taste. It’s a humorous and fun doc, and thanks to producer Aine Leicht, is one of the only reasons to check this one out. There’s also short making of docs, a 30-minute doc for the third film, a few making of the poster docs and a brand new color version of the second film, which if you have a weak stomach, I’d suggest staying the hell away from.

Again, if you’re already a fan of either the series or just transgressive cinema in general, you might be interested in this one, but for the rest of you horror fans….I’d stay clear of this one.

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