Derek Smith Unboxes Subscription Service HORRORPACK; Video

horrorpack2Horror fans that love physical media, rejoice! HorrorPack just launched, a curated subscription service that delivers DVDs or Blu-Rays to your door monthly. With the glut of services, it was time for one to cater to movie lovers, and the folks behind HorrorPack agreed. They just launched in October and I was lucky enough to get a crack at the service to review it for you fine horror afficionados!

First off, here’s an unboxing video for the service!

At $19.99 a month for DVDs and $24.99 for Blu-rays, I think this service could have something special. They are striving on filling out your horror collection with both new and older films. I think, with this first batch of Blu-rays, they did a great job of keeping the variety without resorting sacrificing.

Are these Blu-rays super hard to find? No. All are readily available on Amazon. However, to order them all at their current sales prices, I would have paid around $40 before shipping. So, already, the service is worth it if you need to build your collection.

November’s pack is currently available, so be sure to check out HorrorPack!

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  1. Derek Smith says:

    If you are curious about the DVD selection for the first month, be sure to check out Johnny Tellez’s unboxing video:

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