WWE Divas Champion AJ Brooks Leads Impressive cast in William Butler’s “The Mist meets The Walking Dead” monster film HELLSTORM!!

This is one that we’re VERY excited about. Director William Butler’s upcoming “THE MIST meets The Walking Dead” monster film, HELLSTORM now has a cast and it’s led by the three-time WWE Divas champion AJ Brooks, as well as quite an impressive supporting cast. Everyone from LEATHERFACE: TCM III‘s Kate Hodge (who co-starred with Butler in TCM III ), CABIN FEVER‘s Jordan Ladd and CLUE‘s Colleen Camp to former WWE champ Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is on board in what looks to be a return to the practical monster fx movies that we all know and love. We’ve got the official press release for you fright fanatics, and we’ll keep you updated on the film, when more news arrives.  Read on!

AJ BrooksLos Angeles, CAThree-Time WWE Divas Champion AJ Brooks has been cast as the lead in her feature film debut. The internationally recognized Brooks will star in the adrenaline-charged sci-fi-action film “Hellstorm” which begins filming in Ohio this fall.

The movie is the first of a three-picture story-arc that follows a group of mismatched, post-apocalyptic survivors forced to team up to battle a herd of ferocious creatures that emerge after a massive storm. The story line is best described as “The Mist” meets “The Walking Dead.”

“I’m proud to be working with legendary creature design artist Michael Broom (The Thing, The Walking Dead, The Mist) on this project. ” “We are bringing back the good old fashioned monster movie while still making it palatable for modern audiences,” says Director William Butler. “We will be doing as little CG with the creatures as possible; I’m old school that way.”

“We are thrilled to work with AJ Brooks, who can not only handle the intense physicality of this picture, but who has acting chops equally as strong,” says Butler, best known for the horror-thriller “Madhouse” for Lakeshore Entertainment.

Hellstorm is produced by Butler, along with Nick Byassee (Wild for the Night, The Ticket) and is co-produced by Robert Kurtzman, Co-Producer of the highly successful “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Kurtzman’s legendary EFX shop Creature Corps will be providing the special make-up effects. Emmy Award winner Jared Safier (The Bay) is one of the executive producer of the project.

The film also stars “American Horror Story“’s Mat Fraser, Colleen Camp (American Hustle), Marco Dapper (One Life To Live), Jordan Ladd (Death Proof), Brian Goff (Border Cross) Selene Luna (My Bloody Valentine 3D), Kate Hodge (Level 9) and Alex Skuby (Bones). Actress and comedian Margaret Cho is also currently in discussion to co-star in this epic creature feature.

Rounding out the film’s seasoned cast is Phil Brooks, the longest running WWE Champion of the modern era, known as CM Punk. The renowned athlete, actor and mixed martial artist is also currently training for his fighting debut with UFC. AJ and Phil Brooks married last year, and this will be the first time the two have appeared in a motion picture together, already creating global buzz.

Released along with the film will be the “Hellstorm” app combat game, collectible
action figure line, and a television series spin-off is in the works.

Butler is repped by Jeff Cohen of Cohen and Gardner, and AJ Brooks and Phil
Brooks are represented by Lisa Leshne of The Leshne Agency.

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