Fictional Frights: THE FOUNTAIN SHARK, PT.2

FF (1)After a short delay, we’re giving you fright fanatics not one but TWO FICTIONAL FRIGHTS short stories this week. The first one is another small glimpse of my upcoming novella, The Fountain Shark. It’s a story of a female serial killer dubbed “The Fountain Shark” roaming the streets of Hollywood, looking for people to kill, and the pursuit of the murderer by the sister of one of the Shark’s victims. It’s a very violent story, so if you’re easily offended, you’ve been warned. We’ll be posting a few more teases as the weeks go on, so hopefully you horror fans will continue to dig our Fictional Frights series.

The second story of the week comes from horror writer/podcast host Jason Jenkins, who is providing a short story he wrote involving the world of Clive Barker’s Midian lore. So be on the lookout for that one. -Jerry


The little girl had a tough time washing the family’s dishes. She ran the water over each plate, glass and piece of silverware. Her father kept correcting her with every dish, and it waseasy to see the disappointment in his eyes, and the pain in hers.

“Listen, Maria, you HAVE to make sure every plate is clean…there’s dried food on most of these!” He barked.

“I’m sorry daddy, I’ll try harder..”

The father looked at the clock: 9PM.

“Look, it’s already past your bedtime, just do them in the morning, go get some sleep.”

Though he was far from a good dad, the little girl gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran off to bed. Once she was out of sight, the father walked to the drink cabinet and pulled a bottle of whiskey.

“Work and now this”, he muttered to himself.

He poured his drink and sat at the nearby kitchen table, staring at his glass. Had he looked out of the kitchen 11951227_1008274565883707_6window, he would have seen her, gripping her knife and watching the entire exchange between the father and daughter.

She watched the man drink his whiskey and went through the many possibilities of how this could go down. Play the nice girl role? Eh, she’d done that too often lately. Let’s go for some fun, she thought. She stepped down from yard rock she was standing on, looking left and right to make sure nobody was around. It was dark where she was, but once she got to the front door, she was fully visible to anyone who might walk or drive by, so she had to make this quick. Her eyes weren’t doing a great job staying open, as she had not slept for two days now. The bloodlust was at an all time high, and thought the adrenalin always kicked in when needed, she just didn’thave the strength for a struggle.

She knocked on the door, twice. She could hear the man, angrily say, “What the fuck?” and then his footsteps on the way to the door became stronger, with every step.

He opened the door, and even before he had the chance to ask what she wanted, her knife, slashed across his throat, opening it up, a steady amount of blood flow hitting the carpet. The man dropped to his knees, his hands held around his open would of a throat, the blood gushing out, between his fingers. The man’s throat began to make a gargling sound, and just before those open wounds had the chance to help his blood and air-filled choking sounds get louder, the Shark shoved her knife into the man’s right eye socket. She saw his eye rupture and it turned her on.

The blade was only able to make it halfway through the as the man collapsedand began to die, the Shark raised her steel-toed black leather boot and stomped on the knife, shoving it as deep as it could go, killing the man.

She left the man’s body on the floor and walked to the sink,washing her knife off. It should have been a fulfilling kill, she thought,…but it wasn’t. She soon found herself holding the knife in her right hand,..and walking towards the little girl’s bedroom. She opened the door and saw the little girl, sleeping soundly. She gripped her knife, shut the door behind her and began to walk towards the girl.


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