Icons of Fright Talks FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES With Jeff Fahey

elreyJeff Fahey is a film legend as far as this writer is concerned. Not many things can stand up to Eric Red’s BODY PARTS of hell, even PSYCHO III. Fahey is an actor who embodies every role he’s ever had and is one of the most entertaining performers to watch on screen. When news broke that Fahey would be joining the second season of the El Rey Network’s FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES as “Uncle Eddie”, a relative to the Gecko brothers who has his own secrets going on, it was enough to make me even more anxious about the show that I already was.

We caught up with Jeff to chat a bit about his involvement in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, his frequent collaborations with director Robert Rodriguez and a bit about BODY PARTS, and as always, it was an absolute joy. Read on!

How’s it going, Jeff?

Good good, how are you, Jerry?

I’m great, really good. So you’ve had a good working relationship with Robert Rodriguez for quite some time now, I’m curious what it is faheythat keep making you come back for more?

Well, aside from just the quality of the material and the quality of Robert as an individual, he just keeps calling me (laughs). I’m the lucky one here, he just keep calling, and this has went back a good ten years now. He first brought me back into the country to do GRINDHOUSE. All joking aside though, it’s a great invitation to a wonderful dance. He’s always full of imaginative, off the wall, very experimental if you will, ideas. They’re always experimental to myself, but they’re very much that Robert-type style. I was excited to be a part of the other projects but I’m just so truly excited to be a part of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN and even very excited to be a part of the El Rey Network.

Definitely. When it was first announced that you’d be joining the cast in the show’s second season, a lot of people, including myself, were very excited. What can you tell us about Uncle Eddie?

I think he has a lot of mixed emotions about everything going on. Even when Eddie gives Richie a hard time at first, he’s just so happy to see the guy. After he goes on that whole thing about getting them good plots and having to pay the six grand to pay for their graves, he’s excited to see them. He raised them, and was their mentor in a lot of ways. In that scene, he says, “You know, I taught you guys how to ride bicycles..”, it goes all of the way back to then. The boys have been off on the jaunt, and he’s heard about it and now with him back in the fold, they can get back to the basics of what he taught them. Is Eddie a criminal?, Yeah. He’s a criminal though, with a set of values and morals, all under that umbrella of the criminal world. We quickly see how organized and that there’s a precision to the way that Uncle Eddie is. They’re the perfect team, Seth and Richie, because as opposite from each other as they are, they make a perfect team together. So Eddie is extremely proud of the boys, and like I said, they have that code of conduct, though it’s shaded, it’s still a code of conduct under that criminal world.

I think that’s what makes these characters, the Gecko brothers and now Uncle Eddie, so enjoyable to watch. They’re criminals, yeah, but there is that set of ethics to them, the kind that leads to memorable criminals. 

Yeah, yeah.

By now, you’ve been a working actor for so long, and have done so many fan-loved films, I mean BODY PARTS is one of my favorite films of all time….

It’s so funny that you say that, because Robert texted me just last night, and said he was sitting down to watch BODY PARTS and I said, “Jesus Robert,  what is this, your fifteenth time seeing that movie?” and he texted me back and said, “Even more”.

(Laughs) that’s great. A lot of people have really been enjoying the work that you’ve done in the last ten years, and you’ve developed somewhat of an even newer fan base than you had prior to that time. Does that ever surprise you?

It’s really exciting Jerry. It’s like getting a chance to run around that track a second time. It’s with a different ride, a different pace, and with a lot of the same people, but we’ve all evolved. Hopefully, we’ve all become a lot better at what we do, and that second time around the track if you will, has to do with Robert, and him bringing me back for PLANET TERROR. I owe a great deal to him bringing “Jeff” into Robert’s world, and creating this whole environment, a family, an arena. It’s so exciting to be a part of what he’s doing with El Rey. He’s brought this whole family along, and even some new cats, like myself. Even thought I’ve worked quite a bit with Robert over the last ten years, I’m new to this whole family he’s a part of with this project. It’s great to be a part of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN and getting to work with all of these wonderful, talented young actors. I’m lucky.


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