Fictional Frights: THE FOUNTAIN SHARK, Pt.1

FFWe’ve had a small break from our FICTIONAL FRIGHTS short story column, and well, now the break is over. While we’re going to keep providing any interested writers with a platform to showcase any stories they’d like to share, we’re also going to start giving a glimpse of something I (Jerry Smith) have been working on for a while, THE FOUNTAIN SHARK.

A novella about a serial killer who likes to do her hunting at night, and the characters she encounters, we’re going to be sharing ten very small glimpses of the story, just to provide a sneak peek of something much bigger coming from Icons of Fright. We’ll be sharing the teases all throughout the next week, so keep checking back, and look out for..THE FOUNTAIN SHARK.

She walked the sidewalk, 2:34am. The sky was as black as pure emptiness, and the typical

11951227_1008274565883707_6 hookers and winos were spread throughout the corner. She ignored the cat-calls, the “hey baby”’s and the attempted ass slaps.

Turning the corner and walking onto Fountain Ave., the night overtook her, as if the surrounding buildings had been engulfed by the darkness. With a bag of groceries in one hand, and her jean jacket in her other, she quietly walked, cautiously,…carefully.

As she made her way up to the walkway to her apartments, a young hipster, wearing a Kings of Leon shirt, a disturbing curled stache, and slip-ons, was doing his best (and failing) to get his key into the gate.

“Do you need help?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah, that would be rad”.

She let go of her jean jacket and pulled out her key.

“This is the new key, Margot changed the lock. This is an extra, keep it.”

He smiled. “You’re a very trusting girl..”

He looked to his left, and then to his right, and…

A knifeblade the size of his forehead down to his chin went right into his temple and opening a wound that would see a steady stream of blood poor onto the sidewalk. He fell to the ground shaking.

She leaned down, grabbed her key, looked around, and kept walking down the street, looking for her next prey…for the waters were ripe with meat, meat calling out for the Fountain Shark.


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