blooddvdA rehab facility is the perfect place to find someone to cook meth, right? Only in BLOOD PUNCH does that scenario feel appropriate as this dark comedy brings together actors from one of the many POWER RANGERS shows and one of the writers of THE TIGGER MOVIE in a bloody, drug fueled epic that will make you laugh and scream at the same time. This unlikely ensemble offer a screen experience that’s rare in terms of a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but avoiding any chance to create a shitty film. Even with all that, any movie that opens with a blood splattered title card exclaiming “You are watching BLOOD PUNCH”  over blaring INSIDIOUS-like music has my attention.

Milton (Milo Cawthorne, DEATHGASM) is lured by Skyler (Olivia Tennet) while in rehab to cook a really large batch of meth for her boyfirend, Russell (Ari Boyland). Russell is the ultimate onscreen bully and douchebag who is referred to as “the devil” by his girlfriend. He really is a dick, but his good looks have probably gotten him this far and has a knack for holding a super red apple with a devilish charm. This leads our three characters to a cabin in the woods, finding family photos with faces scratched out and newspaper articles about cannibalism.  The signs are all there for a perfect Sam Raimi movie and the humor is all there.

The three actors each give strong performances in their significantly different personas. They keep it going on as they learn how the land the cabin sits on dark history and its possible connection to the supernatural events that ensue that can best be described as the version of GROUNDHOG DAY you never knew you wanted to see. While all the actors are commendable, it’s Tennet as Skylar that steals the show, showing off a confidence that’s nice to see in a young actress whose brains and wit are what makes her so likable.

In BLOOD PUNCH, everyday is Tuesday and the bloody reminders of the day before remain. The body count rises, even if the bodies always belong to the same people. Is this part of some drug induced hallucination or is there really some ancient curse forcing these characters to continuoisly spill blood on the grounds to fulfill some kind of sick ritual? This could easily have turned into a torture porn experiment has the same roster of actors can get killed multiple times in so many ways, but instead director Madellaine Paxson and writer Eddie Guzelian have a lot of fun with this scenario and so does the audience. Yes, there’s plenty of blood and good uses of an ax, but there isn’t any threat of gore gimmicks here. Burying dead bodies has never been such a great time as the same full moon appears everyday, the characters come up with different ways to kill Russell to see if any of it makes a difference. Even driving away doesn’t change a thing as when morning comes, there’s Tuesday in the cabin giving a good morning greeting. BLOOD PUNCH is a comedic ride, disguised as a genre film that I’m willing to wait in line for again.

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