Beyond Fright: A24 Books A Gig For Jeremy Saulnier’s GREEN ROOM!

Here at Icons, we’re massive fans of BLUE RUIN. Jeremy Saulnier’s independent tale of one man’s revenge against his family’s killer is so nuanced and assured, grim yet humorous, that it was one of our favorite films of that year. If you haven’t seen it yet, purchase a copy or stream it instantly on Netflix immediately

That’s why we’re so delighted The Hollywood Reporter announced Saulnier’s next film, a horror-thriller titled GREEN ROOM, has been picked up by A24. This boutique company has been developing a strong following with their recent acquisitions like THE WITCH (watch the must-see trailer here) and this past April’s excellent EX-MACHINA.

Why else are we so excited for this? Well, Patrick Stewart plays the leader of a skinhead gang. Things don’t get more punk than that, folks. A24 has set a Spring 2016 release date, and the film will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year. Check out a brief clip below until an official trailer debuts later on!

Broke, tired and at each other’s throats after a cancelled gig, a young punk rock band accepts a sketchy matinee show to get themselves home. When they stumble upon something they weren’t supposed to witness, the quartet is trapped in a terrifying siege.

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