LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR Trailer Features Ominous Looking Marilyn Manson As Bloody Hitman

posterIt’s no secret that we at Icons of Fright love musician/occasional actor Marilyn Manson (proof here and here). Sure, a lot of his onstage antics might have turned some people off, but to say that the well spoken and entertaining personality that Manson has is undeniably enthralling. Having already dipped his toes into TV shows and films just as Sons of Anarchy, JAWBREAKER and THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS, Manson (whose real name is Brian Warner) is now set to appear in Corey Asraf and, John Swab’s LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR, a crime thriller revolving around two young lovers (played by Niko Nicotera and Sam Quartin) trying to escape their abusive and controlling father (which is an interesting setup enough). The father, played by Sons of Anarchy‘s Mark Boone Junior, isn’t too pleased with the couple running away, so he hires a hitman played by Manson to hunt them down.

Rolling Stone gave the film’s trailer its debut today, and it looks like one interesting film, filled with desert-filled imagery, and a glimpse at a side of Manson that we haven’t gotten to see prior to the film.

*Trailer courtesy of Rolling Stone.

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