FRIDAY THE 13TH Series Slashing Forward At The CW!


Last year, it was reported that creator Sean Cunningham and his Crystal Lake Entertainment were in development on turning their flagship slasher franchise, FRIDAY THE 13TH, into an hour-long television series. It took a while to get going, but today saw the light turn from red to green as The CW has picked it up! Some may groan at the thought of that network backing the show, but many turned their nose up at SCREAM being with MTV and that’s turned out to be pretty fun and nasty, so lets remain optimistic.

Not much is known in the way of updated plot details, but last year the logline was the series was to take place in a contemporary setting that also spanned across multiple time periods. More to come as it’s revealed!

What say you? Excited to see the hockey masked slasher on the small screen before the new film comes out next year?

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