Disappearing Kids and A Frightful Premise Fill up WHO IS THE ICE CREAM MAN Kickstarter Campaign!

icmEvery city has at least one creepy ice cream man, someone who looks like they should be behind bars, as opposed to serving up fudge bars. Sure, there are some nice ones, but that one creepy guy: he’s driving around, looking like a creeper.It’s with that mindset that filmmaker Jason A. Wallace (THE FULL WALRUS) is prepping his new film,WHO IS THE ICE CREAM MAN, a film that aims to be more in vein with psychological horror entries such as The Twilight Zone, THE SHINING or ROSEMARY’S BABY, instead of your typical slasher fare.

Now in the middle of its crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, Wallace and Co. are aiming to raise enough to get WHO IS THE ICE CREAM MAN made, and is offering everything from t-shirts to walk-on parts in the film, to those who help get it funded.

For more info on the project, watch the proof of concept trailer, and visit the film’s campaign site for the rundown.