Kevin Bacon-led Thriller COP CAR heading to DVD/Bluray This September

universalI love thrillers. Don’t get me wrong, the horror genre is by far my favorite genre, but films like the Coen Bros.’ BLOOD SIMPLE or even recent films like BROKEN HORSES and BAD TURN WORSE are the types of films that I dig watching as much as any slice and dice entries. One film that has definitely been on my radar, when it comes to thrillers, is the Jon Watts-helmed COP CAR. The Kevin Bacon-led film has been making waves at every festival it’s played at, and looks to be one intense film. It’s also gotten additional notice since director Jon Watts was recently tapped to direct the upcoming SPIDERMAN reboot.

Fresh from its festival run, COP CAR is not only set to make a limited theatrical run beginning August 14th, but will also make its DVD/Bluray debut on September 29th.

When a pair of 10-year-olds find an abandoned cop car in a field and take it for a joyride, it seems like they could kill themselves at any moment. But things only get worse when the small-town sheriff goes looking for his missing car—and the illicit cargo he left in the trunk—and the kids find themselves at the center of a deadly game of cat and mouse they don’t understand. The only way out is to go as fast as their cop car can take them.



  • Their First and Last Ride: The Making of Cop Car

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