Annual SCARES THAT CARE Event Hosts Successful Turnout With CARRIE star Piper Laurie Appearance/Special Screening of RESURRECTING CARRIE Doc/Q&A

scaresthatcareweekend-logoThe 2nd annual Scares That Care event and festival just happened on July 24th-26th in Williamsburg, Virginia, with quite the turnout and an even more impressive feat: the appearance by film legend Piper Laurie (THE HUSTLER, CARRIE). Laurie’s appearance was not only there to help the charity foundation, but also to screen actor-turned-director Michael Lee Stever’s entertaining documentary, RESURRECTING CARRIE. Stever is no stranger to filmmaking, with past films such as  Saturday Nightmares; The Ultimate Horror Expo, featuring George Romero, Tom Savini & Adrienne Barbeau, Jan Broberg’s Guide To Thespians, Sociopaths & Scream Queens featuring Elijah Wood, and most recently Heather’s Freddy Cut Nightmare featuring iconic A Nightmare On Elm Street heroine, Heather Langenkamp.

“Scares That Care is changing the face of the American film festival, and you can bet things are starting to heat up in a major way. With hundreds of film festivals and genre events scattered from coast to coast, it’s not unreasonable to maintain that the ‘festival scene’ could use a serious cage shaking and Scares That Care is doing just that. To date they are one of the only festivals in the United States that are donating all net proceeds to the families of their 2015 Campaign. Additionally, with this year’s convention, the Heritage Humane Society will have a booth setup to collect money and items for the animals under their care. A gauntlet hopefully more festivals, and horror conventions might be inspired to pick up.

All of this because Joe Ripple, a retired police detective, was motivated to find a way to raise money for families experiencing medical hardship after witnessing first hand the financial and emotional struggle his partner faced when his 4-year-old-daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.”

Other horror/genre celebs that appeared at this year’s Scares That Care were David Naughton, (American Werewolf in London) Kim Coates, (Sons of Anarchy) Sid Haig, (Jackie Brown) Ken Foree, (Dawn of the Dead) Larry Drake, (Darkman) as well as many more. We thought it would be nice for you fright fanatics who weren’t able to make the event, to see the Q&A, as well as Stever’s very entertaining RESURRECTING CARRIE doc, so enjoy!

Scares That Care Q&A w/Piper Laurie:

Michael Lee Stever’s RESURRECTING CARRIE Mini-Doc:

Laurie (born Rosetta Jacobs) has become one of the most celebrated, respected actors of our time and is the recipient of numerous awards. Originally a product of the early studio contract player system, she finally broke free from stringent, limiting contractual obligations and has proudly helmed a career that has spawned countless iconic roles on stage, in film and on television.  In 2012 she published her much anticipated personal memoir, ‘Learning To Live Out Loud’ which has garnered raves for its insightful eloquence, wit and blistering candor.
Michael Lee Stever has worked steadily in the business for nearly thirty years. First as an actor, singer and dancer and now as full time filmmaker, cameraman, editor and writer.  His first foray into indie film was as UPM on the critically acclaimed documentary, ‘Broadway; The Golden Age.’  He’s since produced a handful of engaging documentaries all focusing on various facets of the thriller/horror genre;  ‘Saturday Nightmares; The Ultimate Horror Expo,’ featuring George Romero, Tom Savini & Adrienne Barbeau, ‘Jan Broberg’s Guide To Thespians, Sociopaths & Scream Queens’ featuring Elijah Wood, and most recently ‘Heather’s Freddy Cut Nightmare’ featuring iconic ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ heroine, Heather Langencamp.


For additional info on the Scares that Care foundation, click on its link.

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