Cults and Surrealism Front and Center In LIMBUS Trailer;Looks Like A Hell of a Time

LimbusAll that needs to be said to reel me into a film is the word CULT. It’s the fastest way to really catch my attention, and it guarantees that I’ll be on board to check it out. Thankfully, Candy Factory Films seems to agree, because the trailer to their new film LIMBUS, is so full of cultish happenings that it instantly brings a big, giddy grin to my face. You can tell that director¬†Brandon Nicholas has quite the eye for surrealism, and the trailer is one that will sink its hooks into you right from the first 20 seconds, making you a convert. It looks like one hell of a cinematic time, one that just from the trailer, I’ll put my stamp of approval on. Check it out!

Four damaged souls find themselves under the tight grasp of an underground cult. Mesmerized by the belief system and enslaved by the promises set before them, the group takes the ultimate plunge. Stuck in purgatory, the group must search for the answers beyond their existence. They’re forced to relive painful memories of the past only to further unravel the impending future. The film is a cerebral exploration through the darkest memories that define a person and send them over the edge.

You can purchase or view LIMBUS at its iTunes site here.


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