New Trailer for L. Gustavo Cooper’s JUNE hits; Reminds you not to upset demonic children

JUNEConfession: the evil children subgenre of horror is one that is instantly able to sink its hooks into me. I love the stuff, and I’ll give any film that falls into that category a watch or two. The upcoming film JUNE, directed by pro skateboarder turned filmmaker L. Gustavo Cooper, just dropped its trailer and seriously fright fanatics, this looks like one hell of a time. The film, which is hitting DVD this October 6th via RLJ Entertainment, deals with a young girl who gets thrown into foster homes but never sticks in any of them because of issues she has: being possessed. Just from the trailer, it’s obvious that Cooper knows what kind of film he wanted to make and did an excellent job doing so. We’r all excited to check it out when it’s released this October, but in the meantime, check out the trailer below!

Nine-year-old June (Kennedy Brice, The Walking Dead) has been shuffled in and out of foster homes for years. And though she tries to be good, no matter where she goes, a trail of chaos and terror seems to follow. It’s only when June is sent to live with a new couple, Lily and Dave (Casper Van Dien, Starship Troopers), that it looks as if things might finally work out – except this innocent child with the face of an angel is possessed by an ancient, malevolent entity that has hijacked her soul. Unless June can defeat the demon within, her new family – and mankind itself – are destined for destruction.