Post Apocalyptic Madness In New Trailer For THE LAST SURVIVORS; Release Date Set for August

gunBoy, do I love me some post-apocalyptic craziness, which makes this trailer announcement all that much more interesting. After an unnamedimpressive festival run that won over quite a few people, THE LAST SURVIVORS (formerly THE WELL), the debut feature from Tom Hammock (production designer for THE GUEST and YOU’RE NEXT), is finally set to hit VOD and all other digital platforms beginning August 4th, with the DVD/Bluray also following.

To get you fright fanatics pumped for the film that stars Haley Lu Richardson, Booboo Stewart, Barbara Crampton and Jon Gries, Dark Sky has sent us the brand new trailer for the film, and it sure looks entertaining to say the least. Check it out!

THE LAST SURVIVORS centers on a teenage girl fighting to protect the last working well in a drought-stricken land. At the edge of an expansive, dusty valley, all that remains of the Wallace Farm for Wayward Youth are some hollowed-out husks of buildings. Seventeen-year-old Kendal (Haley Lu Richardson of The Bronze, and ABC Family’s Ravenswood) can barely recall when the Oregon valley was all lush farmland. It’s been a decade since the last rainfall, and society at large has dried up and blown away.

Kendal and her last friend on earth, Dean (Booboo Stewart, The Twilight Saga, X-Men: Days of Future Past) barely scrape by while dreaming of escape. Dean is ill and can stay alive only by drinking water regularly – luckily, he and Kendal have access to a special well with enough water for both of them. But when a greedy water baron lays claim to what little of the precious resource remains underground, Kendal must decide whether to run and hide or bravely fight for the few cherished things she has left.