IFC Midnight Ready To Bring Some INNER DEMONS Home This August!

unnamedIt’s no secret that we loved Seth Grossman’s found footage/POV film INNER DEMONS (review). It was a refreshing and completely original take on both the found footage subgenre and the demonic possession type of film as well. Dealing with a young woman who is addicted to drugs being approached by her family in an “Intervention” style confrontation, the film does a great job keeping viewers guessing and wondering if it’s the drugs causing the young woman’s emotional and violent outbursts, or if the devil himself is guiding her hands.

Things have been fairly quiet since making its VOD premiere last year, but now it looks like that’s about to change, when IFC Midnight sends INNER DEMONS straight to your local video shelves when it hits DVD on August 4th.

When, Carson (mesmerizing newcomer Lara Vosburgh), the teenaged daughter of a religious family, transforms from straight-A student into heroin addict, her parents agree to allow a reality TV show crew to stage an intervention and document her recovery. But what they don’t know is that she has been taking drugs to deal with the unnatural, evil feelings that have been growing inside of her. And when she agrees to rehab, with no drugs to suppress that malevolent force, she and everyone around her will find themselves in mortal danger from an entity far worse than they could ever imagine.

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