RED DRAGON Is Upon Us! A Look At The Remainder Of HANNIBAL Season 3!

Watching the evolution of the television interpretation of HANNIBAL has been a fascinating and rewarding journey. There’s nothing quite like it on TV at the moment. It’s a weekly dose of some of the densest, most intricately plotted, beautifully gory storytelling that you could squeeze into a single hour. And while the first season took a bit to find it’s footing, or at least for us, the audience to get used to these alternate versions of characters we already know so well from books and movies, HANNIBAL has become a “must watch” for genre fans. Season 2 is up there as one of the best sophomore seasons of a show ever. Personally, I’m conflicted on this currently-in-progress 3rd season. I’m sure once all is said and done, I’ll revisit it and love it. Part of it is we’re treading on extremely familiar territory. The first half of the season has been a rather straight adaptation of the novel HANNIBAL, which all takes place after THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, yet here it’s presented before. And now as we’re pushing past the halfway mark, it looks like we’re already up to the adaptation of the story that first introduced us to Hannibal Lector in the first place, RED DRAGON.

At this past weekend’s Comic-Con panel, the HANNIBAL crew debuted the following extended look at the “Red Dragon” arc which will lead us through the remainder of this (now last) season. Check it out below! Consider it spoiler-ish if you’ve never seen or read RED DRAGON/ MANHUNTER:

Pretty cool, huh? It’ll be interesting to see how (if at all) they deviate from the source material or if it’ll be a nicely paced retelling of RED DRAGON over the course of 5-6 episodes. Either way, count us excited!

In terms of the future of HANNIBAL? It appears this is it, at least for now. Both Netflix and Amazon have passed on the possibilities of continuing the show into it’s proposed 4th season. But showrunner Bryan Fuller hinted not to lose all hope. A movie version with these actors is still in the cards!

HANNIBAL airs Thursday night’s on NBC at 10/9c.

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