Icons of Fright Interview With DUAL VISIONS’ James & Jon Kondelik; Talks THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES, BEHIND THE WALLS

11136228_808472205888236_2217568776367056139_oJon and James Kondelik and their DUAL VISIONS production company has been making the name for themselves by producing the upcoming Jose Prendes-helmed thriller THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES (featuring Graham Denman, Barbara Crampton and Ken Foree) as well as BEHIND THE WALLS, a film that has been gaining steam the more time goes on. The pair have worked both behind and in front of the camera, with Jon appearing as one half of the murderous brothers in TRAGEDIES, and also directing the Asylum film, AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO.

Icons of Fright’s own editor in chief, Jerry Smith, along with Natty Cox, were able to chat a bit with the twin brothers about both projects and what’s in store for them next. Read on!


There’s a switch in the film, DIVINE TRAGEDIES, and we won’t go into detail because of spoilers, but a switch that really turns things around as far as how each character feels about what they’re being a part of. I’m curious how you decided to play the film that way? Acting 10854456_416954651796312_8059999730272253605_owise, it’s almost like you had to play two different sides of the same character.

Jon: It really did feel like both Graham and I played the same role at some point which is something we both were drawn to. It allows both of us to not be missing out on anything. We both can be weak and also go a little mad at some point in the film. As far as deciding that, I think it was pretty clear in Jose’s script which allowed us to sink our teeth in to these meaty roles.

James: Jon and Graham were fantastic. They played off eachother’s psycho energy very well. I don’t want to brag too much about my brother
and give him a big head. 😉

DIVINE TRAGEDIES is a very unique take on the thriller film, the addition of a psychic detective was very interesting, when working with Jose on the film, as producers were you always sold on that approach? It’s pretty interesting.

Jon: The Psychic approach was a surprise when we got the script, but it just made sense within context of this bizarre world Jose has created. So we definitely encouraged for him to go even further with the idea. If you’re gonna go psychic then let’s go that far out. If we’re gonna go weird then let’s get weird!

James: We always knew Divine was going to be a crazy film but when Jose added the element of a psychic detective–we were sold with that idea.

Are there back stories to the two really good looking horror journalists named Natty and Jerry who may or may not get murdered in the film?

Jon: Yes, I believe they are there to see a screening of some horror movie I never heard of called, Haunting of Whaley House or something. I don’t know. But anyway, they may or may not have liked it. And they may or may not have been assaulted.

11221422_895046810542041_4944647515474566884_nIts apparent that you two were definitely meant to make movies. Was it always something you were passionate about? How did you two get started in the film industry?

Jon: I think loving movies always comes first. Realizing making movies is a thing and can be attainable by people like us happened when we were in High School. After we graduated, we never looked back and came out to LA. James went to an editing school and I was getting acting gigs here and there until we found our home for the next 5 years at The Asylum. After a long time, we finally get a chance to write a feature that gets produced. That then led to us getting hired on as writers for Airplane vs. Volcano and ultimately Directing too.

James: Jon took the words out of my mouth.

Your new film, BEHIND THE WALLS, begins shooting soon. Based off of what we’ve read on your Facebook page for the film, it looks interesting. Can you tell us anything about it?

Jon: Thank you! Behind The Walls is officially our first Directorial effort in the horror genre, but it’s definitely not foreign territory. We wanted to make a haunted house film from a completely different angle—seen from the perspective of the house itself. To make the House a legitimate character in the film as opposed to a creepy backdrop to set the film in. The three keywords we keep telling everyone are: Unconventional, Simple and Stylized. That’s what we’re aiming for with this film.

James: Behind the Walls was an idea I pitched to Jon–I was kinda joking about it–half nervous he’d laugh at the idea. Low and behold, he liked it, “I think there’s something there.” Oh thank god! We wanted to make a darker haunted house film–instead of the typical family down on their luck. We wanted
the film to begin bleak with a genuinely broken family. They aren’t more so starting over, for the sake of the real estate market–more so in hiding. So there are more secrets about this family and they begin to surface throughout the film. To make matters worse–the house is alive. Things go from bad to worse steadily.

We noticed with BEHIND THE WALLS, that you guys are building your own house for the set, Was that difficult? Do you think it helped 11703393_928544190525636_2566569945311686232_owith the filmmaking process by giving you an ideal set to work with?

Jon: It’s incredibly difficult because we’re talking building a two story home with a basement equipped with electricity and running water! It’s a tall order and our Production Designer is delivering! Building the set tailored to the script really makes the process THAT more creative. After all, the film is called, Behind The Walls…we wouldn’t want to be liars with that title. We’re going there.

James: We didn’t know we could do that–so we figured what the hell. Let’s push the envelope for ourselves.

This could either be a question, or suggestion…but will there be a AIRPLANE VS VOLCANO 2?

Jon: Hey if you start the trend, the Asylum will answer!

James: What Jon said. Never say never. But let’s just say that was a crazy film…even the folks on Sharknado were saying ‘Airplane vs Volcano?! That’s dumb.’ haha. But it was a fun, ridiculous, little film.

Your fans have some awesome horror flicks to look forward to, will you guys continue on with the horror genre? Or could we expect any non-horror in the future? Will the Kondelik brothers ever make a Rom com?

Jon: We love all genres of film. I wouldn’t say “never” to anything. Who would’ve thought our first film was going to be a Disaster Sci-Fi film involving Volcanoes? We sure didn’t see that one coming. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we gave anything a shot. But I can tell you this, if we commit to a project we put our everything into it and make it our voice—every time. We do have a handful of projects in development. We’ll make an announcement when something is ready to be presented to the world. And we love all of our fans! Now is the time to show their support for our current film we Produced, The Divine Tragedies currently going to Festivals. If they can Tweet to their favorite film festivals demanding @DivineTragedies premieres there–it just gives us more of an edge.

James: I will say that there may be something on the horizon. We always want to challenge ourselves. We’re lovers of film, not just horror. Though, that’s what we grew up with. That’s where my heart is. But we really want to make some dark dramas as well….and a light hearted drama (involving love–i don’t know if it’s a rom/com) nothing’s official but there’s an idea being kicked around.


Feel free to visit The DUAL VISIONS Facebook page for more updates!


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