Hail To The King! ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Trailer Is A Boomstick Blast To The Face!


Its been 25 years since we’ve last seen or heard from our favorite doomed, deadite slaying, wise cracking hero Ashley J. Williams, or more iconically, Ash. For years rumors, false starts, and hopeful happenings emerged regarding EVIL DEAD 4, a true sequel that would follow the events of ARMY OF DARKNESS and reunite the trio of director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert, and leading man Bruce Campbell for another round of fighting the evil and the dead. Instead we got a departure in the form of EVIL DEAD, a reboot with the full support of the aforementioned that offered a slick, grim, and gory assault that left us begging for more.

While more rumors persisted of a follow up, fans were still asking that decades old question, “where’s Ash?”. Well, prepare to hail to the king once more…the first trailer for ASH VS. EVIL DEAD is here, and it’s chock full of everything we’ve come to adore about the EVIL DEAD! That old classic car, the revving of a chainsaw, deadites causing mayhem, and Ash being incredibly goofy yet badass all at the same time.

Watch below, but beware, this trailer will cause a massive amount of glee.

Now if that doesn’t give you the biggest grin, then you’re already dead. I mean, instead of a hour and a half movie, we’re getting a ten plus hour sequel series with a pilot directed by Raimi himself! The words we’re not worthy come to mind. It seems like a blessing that we’re getting something EVIL DEAD related in this capacity, and with all the core players back in action.

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD airs on the Starz channel, October 31st, Halloween!

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