Scream Factory Unleashes Killer Artwork/Order Info For Upcoming DEMON KNIGHT/BORDELLO OF BLOOD Blurays

unnamed (5)Two Scream Factory titles that we’re all incredibly excited for, are the one-two punch releases of Tales From The Crypts DEMON KNIGHT and BORDELLO OF BLOOD. DEMON KNIGHT is in my opinion, one of the most underrated horror films ever, and it’s a film that gets even better with age (I’m not saying it wasn’t good when it originally came out, I saw in theatrically four times). There’s something incredibly magical about every single ingredient of the film, from Billy Zane’s iconic performance, to the awesome special fx and creature design of the film. While BORDELLO OF BLOOD might not be AS fun as DEMON KNIGHT, it’s still a lot of fun (inspired casting choices like Corey Feldman and Chris Sarandon in roles different than the vampire classics they’re knows for) and has its own audience who all love it.

Today, the gang at SF released some killer artwork for the upcoming October 20th Bluray releases, as well as links to pre-order each film, both of which offer a limited poster with each pre-sale order. Check out the artwork and order your horror loving selves some Tales From The Crypt greatness!



While the special features/specs haven’t been announced just yet, knowing Scream Factory, we’re sure each release with be loaded with cool new stuff. When additional news breaks regarding the films, we’ll let you fright fanatics know!

Pre-Order links:




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