FRIGHT AT HOME: June 16th Brings Creature Features, Michael Douglas and More!!

FAH616It’s quite an interesting week for horror (and non-horror), with everyone from Scream Factory and Artsploitation to even Sony and Alchemy putting out some quirky titles. If you’ve got a fever for some creature features, torturous horror, or even some dry and interesting comedy, then we’ve got ya covered. Hell, even Joe Dante has a new one out on VOD this week.

We thought we’d take a look at a few that stood out to us, and give you fright fanatics the rundown on why these releases might be worth your time (and money). Read on!


TENTACLES/REPTILICUS Double Feature Bluray (Scream Factory)

Scream Factory has one odd double feature with this one. Whether you’re into killer octopi or one weird looking reptilian villain, both TENTACLES and REPTILICUS each have your share of cheese lined up for mass consumption.

TENTACLES, being first one the disc, is one hell of an oddity. Obviously inspired by JAWS, but made through the directorial eyes of Oliver Hellman 111(BEYOND THE DOOR), the 1977 film trades tension and terror in for a weird and confusingly off kilter tale of a killer octopus terrorizing people left and right. There are scenes that are obviously inspired by JAWS (a woman not paying attention to her kid and the kid gets killed by the creature), and the film itself just isn’t much in terms of being coherent whatsoever.

While that all might sound bad, and it is, there’s still a charm to TENTACLES that makes it somewhat of a must watch, and paired with a much superior film like REPTILICUS, it makes this double feature that much more of a must own title. While TENTACLES went for more of an absurdity-filled route, REPTILICUS feels much closer to the old school creature features of the ’50s and ’60s (it was released in 1961). Directed by Sidney Pink (JOURNEY TO THE SEVENTH PLANET),  the film deals with the remains of a prehistoric creature that are found, and through modern science, are regenerated, causing the creature to escape and terrorize everyone.

It’s full of some of the silliest special effects of all time, and it’s seriously just impossible NOT to love. Cynical movie goers of today might not dig it, but if you can sit back and have a good time, it’s definitely one for you. It’s the kind of AIP (American International Pictures) film that instantly reminds you of the great creature feature fare that people like Roger Corman put out, the ones where the effects might seem a bit hokey, but are SO much fun to watch.

Both films are pretty light on special features, with only theatrical trailers being the supplemental material, but the films are again, one weird double feature that you fright fanatics might want to check out!

THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES (Artsploitation)

house100If you’re in the mood for something closer to a snuff film gone wrong, Artsploitation has THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES, a rough and gritty torture-filled film, full of stomach churning moments and a pretty brutal finale.

“The House with 100 Eyes” chronicles Ed and Susan’s attempt to create the ultimate snuff film, complete with behind the scenes footage, director’s commentary – all the features you’d expect on a regular DVD. And that’s in addition to the main attraction: The world’s first triple feature. Three victims, three murders, all in one night.

A grim tale about the banality of evil designed to shake even the most hard core horror fan.

For a more in depth look at the film, read our very own Leonel VHS’s review of the film (here).


Sure, there were more genre films released this week, like the FLATLINERS-like Blumhouse film THE LAZARUS EFFECT and the Sci-Fi robot film, CHAPPIE, but the other two titles that were interesting enough to catch our eyes were actually non-genre films. The first being the Michael Douglas-led survivalist thriller BEYOND THE REACH, and the other being the Kristen Wiig-led dramedy, WELCOME TO ME.


It’s been done to death by now, but there’s always something appealing to me about the human being hunted kind of films that come out semi-regularly these unnamed (8)days. Whether it be the very entertaining Ernest Dickerson gem, SURVIVING THE GAME, or further back, DELIVERANCE, the idea of people having to run for their lives from people trying to hunt them just sticks out and always grabs my attention. This Michael Douglas-led film, BEYOND THE REACH, takes inspiration from Robb White’s 1972 novel, Deathwatch, and injects a little too much humor into the film, and gives viewers a finale that leaves us wanting something a little better, but for the most part, provides an interesting and exciting thriller.

Dealing with a young guide witnessing an accidental killing at the hands of a corporate crook played by Michael Douglas, the film then turns into a hunting film, with Michael Douglas hunting the guide, in an attempt to cover up for his crooked mistake. It definitely has its moments, but the addition of a decent amount of oddly delivered humor almost takes you out of the film, making you wonder why Douglas is doing an impression of Pixar’s WALL-E (not joking).


unnamed (7)Not playing any of the genre pools, but certainly worth checking out, the Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini and Wes Bentley-led WELCOME TO ME is a very good and effective comedy/drama about a woman living with Borderline Personality Disorder who wins the lottery and wants to start her own TV show. It could have very well ended up being yet another slapstick comedy, but it never feels like that kinds of film, for even a single second. The performances are good and in Wiig’s case, very brave, adding a very serious look at those struggling with the illness and how they can sometimes see things differently.

Directed by Shara Piven (wife of comedy director Adam McKay and sister to actor Jeremy Piven) does a hell of a job helming this one, and the tone of it is closer to what would be in a P.T. Anderson film than your typical comedy.

When Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) wins the Mega-millions lottery, she quits her psychiatric meds and buys her own talk show. Inspired by the immortal Oprah, she broadcasts her dirty laundry as both a form of exhibitionism and a platform to share her peculiar views on everything from nutrition to relationships to neutering pets.

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