Crowd Funding Campaign Begins For Tristan Risk-Led AYLA; Cast gets Major update

AylaPersonal horror films are always the ones I typically gravitate towards, because you can tell how important the story is to the filmmaker creating it. Whether it be something out of this world and extravagant or small and character-based, I love horror that means something, and GUT-director’s Elias is gearing up to bring genre fans just that kind of film with the Tristan Risk-led AYLA.  We’ve been following the project since it’s announcement, and the recent launching of AYLA‘s crowd-funding Kickstarter campaign has not only piqued that interest even more, but has definitely made this writer quite anxious.

The already announced duo of Nicholas Wilder (GUT) and Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY, THE EDITOR) got an update with the campaign’s launch, with the addition of VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH star Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Jennifer Lynn Warren (recently seen on American Horror Story), WE ARE STILL HERE‘s Andrew Sensenig and genre staple Bill Oberst Jr. (RESOLUTION, ZOMBIEWORLD). Personally, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen Risk in, and Joris-Peyrafitte’s acting chops caught me guard in the VERY impressive VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH. The fact that it has an impressive cast, it’s being directed by Elias and produced by Clayface Productions (PHOBIA, DARK) and easily one of my favorite production teams around these days, The October People (THE INVOKING, THE DEVICE), makes AYLA sounds like a project that NEEDS to happen. Check out the synopsis and crownd-funding campaign below and help get this one made!

Concept art for AYLA
Concept art for AYLA

For years Elton has been haunted by the unexplained death of his sister. Her name was Ayla, but they used to call her A. Taking inspiration from the Tibetan myth of Tulpa creation, the story of “Ayla” brings Elton to a place where what lived on only in the mind can once again become flesh and blood. Born out of Elton’s obsession and desire for the life that should have been, his sister Ayla returns, still a child, but now with the body of a woman, a thought-form manifested in flesh. As their bond strengthens, Ayla thrives even as Elton grows weaker, but now that he’s found her, he’s not letting go… even if it kills him.




Nicholas Wilder and Tristan Risk


Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and Jennifer Lynn Warren


Andrew Sensenig and Bill Oberst Jr.


For the complete info on AYLA, visit its Kickstarter campaign.

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