Icons of Fright Chats With AVN Award Winner/BLOOD LUST Podcast Host Bailey Jay!!

BaileyJay_002Having already conquered the world of porn by winning two AVN awards, along with being an outspoken and honest voice within the transgender community, Bailey Jay is ready to take on the world of horror now, with her brand new BLOOD LUST podcast, which focuses completely on the horror community. No stranger to the world of podcasting, Bailey has previously hosted her own Riotcast Network podcasts, THE BAILEY JAY SHOW, as well as her spirituality-centric podcast THE TRANS WITCHING HOUR. If that’s not enough to want to hear what she has to say, Bailey also co-hosts Vice’s THE JIM NORTON SHOW, runs her own adult site, has a huge online presence, having over 84,000 followers on Twitter (@BaileyJayTweets) and almost 50,000 Instagram followers. Want more? She was the subject of the third season premiere of INSIDE AMY SHUMER, and appears in Troma’s RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL. 2. The amount of accomplishments and the drive that Jay has is enough to fill a book, which is something she’s working on, in between all of the insane amount of other ventures she’s taking on.

Icons of Fright’s own Jerry Smith and Sickening Pictures‘ Zach Schildwachter recently asked Bailey a few questions about her podcast, as well as a few other things. Read on!

BaileyJay_004You have a connection to Troma Films and your first guest reflects that. What do Independent Horror movies mean to you?

I like my horror movies to have lots of heart and grit. I think that’s way more important than a budget or CGI. That’s why I love cheesy 80s horror and everything Troma stands for.

What drew you to the doing a podcast and how do you plan to distinguish yourself from other horror podcasts?
Well I’ve hosted my own comedy podcast The Bailey Jay Show on RiotCast Network for 6 years so it’s familiar territory for me. And honestly, I’m doing this show out of selfish reasons. I just want to talk horror with people who live and breath it. Maybe my flame will attract some interesting characters. 🙂

How do you think social media has changed film criticism?
It’s nothing new,  “everybody’s a critic”. The difference is that now we have to hear their opinions online instead of them muttering to themselves about it in their living room, haha.

What Horror films have you seen lately that fans should keep an eye out for?

I’m sure most everyone has seen these but the remake of Maniac was life changing. Starry Eyes was crazy. And I actually just caught Oculus on Netflix and BaileyJay_001really enjoyed it.

The world of Horror and Adult Entertainment often bleed into one another (see what I did there?) with talent and story lines – Will your podcast reflect that?

I hope so! I love that there’s crossover. Both industries really tap into some weird shadow elements of humanity.

What’s your favorite XXX Horror Movie Parody?

I’m not to schooled on porn parodies but I suggest they do one of Carrie. I’d watch that.

How do you consume Horror? At the theater, on demand, DVD blind buy, NetFlix?

DVDs and Netflix!

Your two dream Podcast guests: One Living, the other Dead, go!

Cassandra Peterson, Ruth Gordon.

Who’s your favorite Final Girl?
You gotta love Neve Campbell!

Lastly, the horror genre, at least on my personal experience with it, has always been somewhat of a for of solace for people who didn’t feel like they belonged, like they couldn’t be themselves. For me, it was always a security blanket growing up. I respect you immensely and think you’re a true icon and am proud to be able to do this interview with you. As someone who truly embraced who they really were, is it hard at times being called an important role model in that, how does it make you feel to have people look up to you like that?

That is incredibly sweet. Thank you.  I actually hate when people try to make me a role model. Maybe a “filth elder” ala John Waters haha. But seriously, if me being visible helps humanize trans people and help them have a more carefree and silly narrative for their lives then that’s awesome.

BaileyJay_003Check out Bailey’s BLOOD LUST podcast at the following places:

Availability: Direct Download, RSS Feed, iTunes / Stitcher (Coming Soon)

Social Media: @BloodLustPod on Twitter

BLOOD LUST with Bailey Jay is produced by Ken W. Hanley (FANGORIA Magazine, author of THE I IN EVIL) and is engineered by Matthew Terhune (THE BAILEY JAY SHOW).



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