Beyond Fright: GHOST B.C. Returns With “Cirice”

ghostciriceartworkSchool talent shows can be filled with tension and fear, as the performers are anxious to perform in front of their fellow classmates and parents. Things can get pretty frightening for all involved, as the audience isn’t quite sure what they will see next; a future star or someone that should look up the word “talent” next time. For one young girl attending her school’s talent show, her life is about to change in Ghost’s latest video “Cirice.”

Known more as a theatrical band, giving one hell of a performance, Ghost (aka Ghost B.C. in the US) has been making a name for itself in the rock world. With a sound more akin to Blue Oyster Cult than to Slayer, we get operatic rock with a penchant for evil imagery. Complete with piano and organ solos, chants, Ghost is doing its best in harboring this world into melodic Armageddon.

Their 3rd album Meliora is set to be released on August 21st. And as is the case with each previous album, we get a new leader. Jerry previously spoke about the band here, and talked about the anonymous members known as the Nameless Ghouls and their leader Papa Emeritus. With each album, there has been a new Dark Pope to lead their Black Mass. Now, while many people assume that it is the same singer in a different costume, their dedication to carrying out inauguration ceremonies in their hometown is admirable.

The first single off of Meliora is “Cirice”, a tune not straying away from their previous discography’s tone, but a welcome addition. And in the video, while we see youth version of the band, it is exciting to see their new masks, even if they are smaller than usual. And while this talent show embraced its horror roots, it could have gone scarier. And I’m not even talking about like with my 4th grade talent show where I sang a NKOTB song.

I enjoyed the overall way that the video was shot, as it felt like it was filmed in the mid to late 70’s, which is befitting the music. While I appreciate the color scheme used as well as some familiar shots, I could have done without the digital effects added in to make it appear as it was shot on film. While these are meant to pay homage, I find them more distracting than anything. And when you already have a band in masks and robes, you have enough distraction going on visually.

Check out “Cirice” below and be on the lookout for Meliora later this summer!

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