Review: EVIL BONG 420

evilbongLet’s be honest here, you’re not exactly expecting CHINATOWN or CITIZEN KANE when you sit down to watch a film called EVIL BONG 420. Charles Band and his Full Moon Pictures company knows exactly what they want to make and do a hell of a job doing so. I’ve never understood hate towards films like this one, or the GINGERDEAD MAN series. The fact is, what you see on the cover and in the title, is exactly what you end up getting. So with all of that being said, Band’s newest installment into the crossover franchise dealing with the foul mouthed “evil bong” and the murderous (and very horny) Gingerdead Man is exactly what one would expect from Band and the series he got going: a lot of boobs, murder and well,…weed aplenty.

Filled with cameos from characters previously featured in previous installments, EVIL BONG 420 deals with Rabbit (FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH’s Sonny Carl Davis) , the former pipe salesman, who after ripping off the evil bong, opens up his very own topless bowling alley, where for a price, customers can score a little more than what they asked for, in the form of some ganja.

It’s a silly little concept that if taken in a more serious route wouldn’t work at all, but Band and Co. know exactly what kind of movie they’re making and succeed at doing so. Always one to jump on crossovers, pretty early into the film, we also get the inclusion of not only the Evil Bong, but of Gingerdead Man, actors from the entire series here and there, and wouldn’t ya know, Full Moon merchandise being prominently displayed in the background. While some might see that as shameless marketing, I see it as another funny Full Moon attempt to bring in some revenue, which I am all for.

The film itself is someone light on the plot, but high on the pot (feel free to use that for future posters, Charlie) and it’s just that kind of movie: one that is more about the jokes, the references, cameos (Director David DeCoteau and film historian David DeValle’s appearances are great to see) and just plain ol’ silliness. It’s more about the Evil Bong being mad at Rabbit, The Gingerdead Man finally getting some (seriously…cookie erections are definitely in this one), and that down and dirty low-budget fare that has mad Full Moon a lot of fun lately.

The old Empire days of TRANCERS, TOURIST TRAP and TERRORVISION might be gone, but the low-budget and continual output of films that Band has been directing is showing that while the budgets might have been cut, the imagination is still front and center, giving fans of schlock and silliness one funny film to latch onto.  Plus, who DOESN’T want to see a industrial strength weed blower that instantly gets bowlers high?

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