Bluray Review: SPRING

unnamed (33)Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s SPRING has taken the world by storm, with its “romantic love story that happens to have a monster in it” angle blowing people away, and rightfully so. It’s a beautiful and poignant film, full of honesty, not only in its acting but in its writing and cinematography as well. While their previous film, RESOLUTION was quite enjoyable as well, there’s just something about this one that transcends a genre and tells a universally haunting story of love and making the decision to love someone no matter what. Very few films are able to resonate on such a personal level with their audiences, but SPRING does just that, and adding to an alreayd perfect film, is one hell of a Bluray release.


Telling the story of Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci, THE EVIL DEAD), a young man, who after the loss of his mother, has nowhere to go in life, is directionless and angry. When he gets into a barfight that leads the police to his door, he grabs his passport and takes a random trip to Italy. When Evan meets Louise (Nadia Hilker), a mysterious woman who instantly captures Evan’s interest.

What starts as somewhat of a normal love story, with Evan falling hard for Nadia, goes in a completely different route, dealing with not only monster-elements, but a lot of questions for the film’s viewers, questions regarding what you would give up for love, and if your love for someone is worth their faults or eccentricities.

It’s a film that is so layered in its metaphorical AND lyrical meanings, and an absolutely mesmerizing amount of chemistry between the film’s two leads, that it’s impossible NOT to fall in love with the film yourself. We’ve all been there, faced with the question of how much we’re willing to endure from the person you love, and whether or not you’re important enough to that person to sacrifice a large part of themselves. SPRING raises those question, all while providing one of the most gorgeously shot, and absolutely beautiful films in years. It’s a film that refuses to leave your brain, and makes you think about a lot of things as you experience it.


If the film itself isn’t enough to make you run to your nearest video store to buy a copy, the insane amount of special features that Benson & Moorhead put into this release are head-turning enough to blow you away. Viewers typically get short EPK’s with the filmmakers & actors doing their best to treat whatever film they’re promoting as the best project they’ve ever been a part of, but if you were lucky enough to pick up Benson/Moorhead’s previous film, RESOLUTION, then you already know that the duo put almost as much time into the supplemental material as the film itself.

The film’s “Making Of” is different than your typical making of, with someone typically falling everyone around while filming. Instead, we get a feature length documentary, with cast, crew and every one else involved all recollecting every part of the process. It’s a humorous and insightful doc, made even better by the full load of other supplemental features, including a joke “alternate ending” that will leave you in hilarious tears, a short doc about how Angelo, the Italian character who gives Evan a place to stay in the film just might be the worst farmer in history.

These are the types of special features that the goofballs Benson & Moorhead like to give their viewers and that sets them aside from filmmakers who take every ounce of the process way too seriously. They let their film speak for itself, and when it comes to the supplemental material, that’s when their dry adn humorous personalities come out.

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