Monsters Live In Brandon Mohlis’ Concept Album, THE CITY OF LOST MONSTERS!; Lyric Video Premieres Online

ScreenHunter_270 Jun. 01 05.36Brandon Mohlis is somewhat of an all around jack of all trades. The Missouri-based musician has released a fair share of solo albums on his own, and when it comes to self-releasing your albums, production is key, something that Mohlis is definitely well versed in. For his new concept album, “The City of Lost Monsters” (out now, courtesy of Minnesota’s Zero Budget Records), Mohlis drew upon the classic Universal Monsters as visual aesthetics while providing a pretty hard assortment of songs, giving off an old school heavy metal vibe, all while providing some excellent melodies as well. Think Avenged Sevenfold’s riffs (before they fell under the impression that they were now a Metallica tribute band) with a fair amount of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden as well.

Having listened to “The City of Lost Monsters”, it’s apparent that Brandon knows his monsters and is perfectly able to turn said monsters into a heavy metal, solo-drenched assortment of songs that will make you raise your lighters one second and continually shred the next. The guy has chops and doesn’t hold back for a single second, making him one hell of a musician to look out for.

To kick off the album’s release, Mohlis sent the lyric video to his first single “Modern Prometheus” our way, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m a convert. I love how he’s able to put forth heavy, wall of sound guitars, mixed with some impressive and melodic vocals.

To learn more about Brandon Mohlis, he past records and the excellent “The City of Lost Monsters” album, visit his OFFICIAL SITE, as well as his Facebook Page for more info.

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