ICONS OF FRIGHT Announces FICTIONAL FRIGHTS Short Story Series; Open To Writers

FFWelcome to FICTIONAL FRIGHTS, an on-going series of short stories, provided by not only the Icons of Fright staff, but by industry friends and friends in general. In this fast paced, always on your phone type of life (I’m very guilty of it myself), our attention spans have been replaced with a constant need to check status updates, Tweets and IG photos. We’ve lost the art of the story in a lot of that. So beginning this Friday, June 5thFICTIONAL FRIGHTS will begin.
Now the only way this will work is if it’s spread like wildfire. Our goal for this column is to not only provide an avenue for writers to get their work shown, but to further commit to the reader/writer relationship that Icons of Fright was created with in mind. We’ve always been believers that horror journalism should be all encompassing, an experience in which like-minded people can share their opinions and creativity, so with that in mind, FICTIONAL FRIGHTS was created.

While it would be ideal to have stories being posted weekly on a certain day, the fact is that how successful this venture is, is 10462929_923503181027513_8190270387302571552_ncompletely based on whether you like what you’re reading and want to read more. Me personally (Jerry Smith, EIC), I’ll be contributing quite regularly to it, and will do my best to reach out to people whom I admire or call friends and see if they have some interesting stories they’d like to share. What I don’t want thought, is for you, the reader, to feel like this is something that YOU can’t be included in. So, with that said, if you’d like to submit a short story to be included in FICTIONAL FRIGHTS, feel absolutely free to email me and we’ll be choosing the ones we like the most and think YOU readers will dig. No filter on content, and you will retain the ownership of your stories, so if you have them included in FICTIONAL FRIGHTS, you can feel free to include them in other things, if you desire. While this is currently a free project, we’re hoping to extend it as far as it can go, including a book filled with all our stories.

We want to be entertained, to be scared, terrified to sleep at night, so give us your best stories and we’ll give you our best in return. The first story in the series, “I’m Tired of Dying“, will make its debut this Friday and deals with a flawed man on a mission, all while being..well, you just wait. Here are some glimpses of what’s to come:

So again, welcome to FICTIONAL FRIGHTS, your go-to spot for short horror stories on a weekly basis. The Icons staff will be giving you some interesting tales, and we hope you’d like to join us!

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