The Passing of An Icons of Fright First; RIP BETSY PALMER


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Today is a dark one for horror fans, and not in the way that we typically prefer. It’s also a dark day for Icons of Fright, as one of the site’s very first interview subjects has now passed away. When genre fans mention the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, it would be a lie to say we don’t tend to mention Jason Voorhees, but the truth is that behind Jason, behind the mask and behind the murder, there was a mother. The first time we met Pamela Voorhees, she seemed like she was there to help FRIDAY THE 13TH‘s final girl, Alice, but as history has proven through the end of that film, Mrs. Voorhees was quite the sinister and vengeful mom. She blamed every camp counselor for the death of her son, and she made damn sure that they were dispatched one by one (take that Kevin Bacon!). Sure, the film ended with Alice decapitating Pamela, but to say she wasn’t a MASSIVE presence in the series would be a bold faced lie. Pamela served as a catalyst for Jason to kill.

Today, the horror community does what we don’t like doing: mourning the passing of one of our own. Though she initially didn’t understand FRIDAY THE 13TH, Betsy grew to LOVE the fans and was by far one of the biggest sweethearts to meet at a convention. The first time I met her, I was well into my adulthood, and I still found myself teary-eyed while meeting her. My grandmother raised me on television and film, and films like THE TIN STAR, QUEEN BEE, and many others were shown to me by my lovely saint of a grandmother. She even sat down to watch Betsey wreak havoc in FRIDAY THE 13TH and didn’t complain once. Mrs. Palmer felt like she was one of us, and well, she was.

The reason I’m writing this is not only because of the absolutely spectacular and wonderful person that Mrs. Palmer was, but because she holds such a special place in the hearts of Icons of Fright. This site was never started to be “cool” and see who we could be seen next to. When Rob G., and Mike C. created Icons of Fright, they gave people like myself somewhere to go to learn about the people we loved seeing in horror films. It was never about playing the scoop game or trying to do anything other than showing how much we all love the genre. Before I walked onto the Icons of Fright ship to take the helm, so to speak, I’ve made it no secret that I was a fucking AVID reader of the site. Icons of Fright was my go-to place to read in depth articles and interviews with genre greats. Rob and Mike did what a lot hadn’t done at that point. No offense to the other sites around, because we’re all friends, but when Icons of Fright launched in 2004 (11 years ago?!), there wasn’t a horror site everywhere you turned. I read B-D on occasion, loved Dread Central, and when Turek started STYD, I was an avid reader of that site too. The site that made me excited though, was and will always be Icons of Fright. It was my favorite site as a reader and it’s my baby these days. one of the many reasons I gravitated towards IOF, is because interviews like the one I’m about to share.

In 2004, Mike C. and Rob G. spoke with Betsy in depth about everything from horror and F13 to her acting history. It’s an absolutely wonderful read, and if you’re a fan of the FRIDAY THE 13TH¬†series or just good interviews in general, please give this one a read.



So, from all of us at Icons of Fright, and I’m sure from horror fans everywhere, goodbye Mrs. Voorhees..and thank you.

Rest In Peace


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November 1, 1926-May 29th, 2015

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