Retro Promenade releases All-Star CARPENTER Tribute Album; Available At Your Own Price

retrocarpI’m sure, like myself, you’ve all been blasting John Carpenter’s Lost Themes nonstop, and rightfully so, it’s amazing. Personally, I am an addict when it comes to all things Carpenter, so this bit of news has even me smiling ear to ear. Hitting your ear-waves today, is Retro Promenade’s all star tribute to the master of horror, aptly titled, “CARPENTER”. Filled with everybody from Lazerhawk to Marcon, the album is the perfect tribute to the music of one of horror’s best.

“A little over three months ago, Retro Promenade put out a call to action for submissions from artists who wished to create music inspired by anything in John Carpenter’s films. 20 slots were available, more than 20 artists submitted, and 5 third party selectors were invited to choose their top 20 tracks for the album, and this method is to ensure that the top tracks are all super high quality without any inner politics taking focus.
The selectors were Rick Shithouse (, Marko Maric (Synthetix Sundays), Andy Last (Beyond Synth Podcast), Steve Jenkins (Telefuture) & Sam Todhunter (Carpenter Graphic Artist).

Rather than list who wasn’t selected, I’ll just go ahead and list who will be on the compilation album and post the absolutely outstanding poster featuring hand drawn illustration by Sam Todhunter for your perusal.
20SIX Hundred, Amplitude Problem, Beckett, Bionic Resistance, Europaweite Aussichten, Fixions, GUNSHIP, Hide And Sequence, Irving Force, Jaunter, Jon of the Shred, Lazerhawk
Marcon, SATORI IN BED, SHIO-Z, Speed Machine, STRSGN
Synaptyx, VHS Glitch, Who Ha
Brought together by our common appreciation for the works of legendary filmmaker and musician, each of the artists went above and beyond in an attempt to create something worthy of the name”

Having been listening to the album all afternoon, I can say, each artist does their own thing, all while recalling certain moods and tones of some of our favorite Carpenter films. What’s even better, ┬áis that the folks at Retro Promenade are allowing listeners to pay WHATEVER THEY WANT to get the album, so if you have a fat $20 on ya or even $1.00, it’s still yours. You can get the album HERE, so jump at this NOW!! Also check out Retro Promenade for more awesome music!!

ScreenHunter_239 Apr. 07 15.20
Click to enlarge for a complete track listing.


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