image003 (1)Fans of Tobe Hooper’s 1986 film INVADERS FROM MARS can jump for joy, with Scream Factory’s new Collector’s Edition bluray hitting shelves, and it’s definitely a release to check out. Loaded to the brim with brand new and retro special features, the film does an excellent job of bringing back not only a sense of nostalgia for old school fans of the film, but introduces a fun and campy ride for its new viewers.

Personally, I think the film and its content all speak for themselves, but just in case you have a question or two regarding the release, we’ve got you covered, having taken a look at the release and we can definitely assure you, it’s one of the most entertaining family-horror films of all time.


A remake of the 1953 William Cameron Menzies film, Tobe Hooper’s update gives horror fans a film that they can and SHOULD watch with their kids. Made during Hooper’s ambitious as hell period (right between LIFEFORCE and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE II), the film initially turned a lot of people off, due to expecting a gorier, less innocent film, with Hooper being responsible for what is argumentatively the scariest film of all time, THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE.  Hooper was purposely trying to make an entertaining family horror film, and the film works so well on that level. It’s the perfect gateway horror film, a classic to show you children as a test to see if they’re ready to get weird.

Scripted by ALIEN and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD‘s Dan O’Bannon, INVADERS tells the tale of David Gardner (played excellently by Hunter Carson, the son of the great Karen Black and screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson), a young boy who witnesses what seems to be an alien spaceship landing. Soon after, everyone (including David’s parents) begin to act like they’ve been taken over. It’s very much a body snatcher movie, but for the younger crowd. The only person who seems to not only believe David, but to help him as well, is the school nurse Linda (played by Hunter’s mom, Karen Black). Soon both of them are running for their lives, with everyone left and right becoming shells of themselves, especially Mrs. McKeltch (Louise she ever nice?!).

It’s a wonderfully done film, made at a time when Hooper was given the opportunity to create big, elaborate sets and ambitious projects. The colors look astonishing on this bluray release, and that ambitious period of Hooper’s filmography just screams for a good bluray release and this is definitely it. Some think the last quarter of the film heads into silly-territory, but it’s just the kind of silly that one would expect from a film called INVADERS FOR MARS.


Already worth picking up just for the film itself, Scream Factory makes INVADERS FROM MARS even more enticing with an impressive amount of special features, including a commentary from Hooper, old school TV spots, storyboards and galleries, and the highlight of them all, THE MARTIANS ARE COMING: THE MAKING OF INVADERS FROM MARS, a lengthy doc featuring Hooper, Carson and about a dozen other people involved in the film talking about the experience. It’s awesome to watch, as you can tell that Carson had a great time acting alongside his mother and tells stories of already knowing Hooper as a family friend. Hooper talks of purposely making a family friendly horror film, and how unfortunate it was that people didn’t catch that.

Another great release, INVADERS FROM MARS gives even more proof that the gang at SF are doing one hell of a job putting out some quality releases, and this is just another one to pick up TODAY!

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