latestThe scariest part of the first V/H/S film was easily the performance of Hannah Fierman, the infamous “I LIKE YOU” girl in the “Amateur Night” segment. Ever sense viewing that segment, I have been absolutely interested in what Fierman has been up to, project wise, and news has come our way that she has officially joined the cast of EVENTS SURROUNDING A PEPPER TOM & THE HORROR THAT FOLLOWS, a psychological thriller being crowdfunded via Kickstarter as you read this.

The buzz on the film has been growing at quite the rapid pace, with SPRING BREAKERS and the upcoming HOLIDAYS horror anthology producer Brian James Fitzpatrick handling the productions ditues and and all practical FX extravagaza being planned by the Emmy nominated Jeremy Selenfriend (Boardwalk Empire, Chernobyl Diaries, The Blacklist, Netflix’s Daredevil) and his FX house, Monster in My Closet to get this thing done right!

The Events Surrounding a Peeping Tom & the Horror that Followed is the story of Martin Malone (Maffei), a lonely peeping tom who finds himself caught and arrested one night after a misstep. As he nears completion of his court mandated rehabilitation, Martin is still unable to fight the urge and begins to peep again where he discovers Rowan (Fierman), the girl of his dreams… As his obsession with her grows, he begins to suspect that she may be involved with the occult. Using his peeping skills, Martin begins an investigation that leads him down a twisted path to something more horrible than anything he could ever imagine, realizing that all the while, he was being watched himself...


When asked about what makes this movie stand out from other independent horror films scurrying to find funding, Fitzpatrick noted, “There’s an absurd passion behind the actions of a peeping Tom – something perverted and strange yet very familiar to all of us in our world of hyper voyeurism and global surveillance. The psychology begins to drift into fever dream territory… An exciting surreal stage to set a character driven horror story.”

Personally, I think it sounds like a really imaginative project and plan on contributing to it myself in the near future, as you horror fans should as well.

For more info, visit the official Kickstarter page here, and tell them Icons of Fright sent ya!

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  1. Regulator says:

    Yeah, her performance was so great, they should have had that come last in the movie. The scene with the guys running out of that hotel seeing what they saw should have been the start of the movie.

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