SXSW Q&A: CROW HAND!!! Director Brian Lonano!!

CROW HANDAs previously reported (review), the short film CROW HAND!!! was one of our favorite shorts at this year’s SXSW festival, and we thought we’d ask director Brian Lonano a few questions about what in the living hell inspires such a funny yet gruesome (and lovable) short film. Check it out when you get a chance, and read on! film-logo


How did the idea of CROW HAND!!! come about?

The idea is based on a true story…sort of. My wife and I were at a film festival last year and as we walked to the parking lot after we picked up our badges, I looked down and saw this weird totem on the ground that looked like a crow! So I called to her and said “look at this weird thing on the ground. It looks like a crow.” And her reply was “Don’t pick it up. It’s really creepy.” So I scoffed and said “what could happen?” I joked that because I was stupid and picked up the totem, that my hand turned into a crow and I exclamed, “CROW HAND!!!” We both laughed and said that this would be a really funny short film.

There’s such a heavy amount of dry humor in the short, which I absolutely loved, was it your intention to combine the gory elements with the comedic from the very beginning, or were the jokes more developed while filming?

Yea it was always the intention to inject CROW HAND with comedy. The idea is so absurd that I don’t think it could have been done straight. The script was a page long and some of the dialogue the Husband character says was scripted to sound dumb. The gag when the wife brings her cell phone up to take a picture was made up that day.

I’m curious, having just seen Jason Vail in VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH, what led to you casting him in the film?

I got Jason Vail through Blake Myers, who is the make up effects artist and co-producer on the film. I actually got both actors from him. Jason and Caitlin are both local actors in Atlanta. I didn’t really advertise with a casting call. I just gave Blake the script and he said he know some people who would be great for this. So I met Jason and Caitlin separately for coffee and had them read the script and we talked about the tone of it and both knew exactly the kind of movie they were getting into.

Being that I loved the short, I have to ask, what’s next for you?

I have another short that we are in the writing stages for. It’s going to be disgusting and hopefully hilarious.

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