The digital revolution had all but rendered shooting on a film as nothing more than a pipe dream, and cinephiles were beginning to say goodbye to the medium that shaped their favorite art form from the very beginning.  The aesthetic of film is something that cannot be captured, only replicated, no matter how skilled an editor may be.  35mm is almost impossible to get a hold of these days (unless you’re part of a huge movie studio) so the independent artist’s chances at shooting on film is slim to none.  However, director James Bickert (who brought us the absolutely dynamite DEAR GOD, NO) has other ideas.

FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is going to be one of the last (if not the absolute last) independent horror film shot on 35mm.  FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS centers around the re-animation of the South’s most notorious biker gang, The Impalers. Dr. Marco and his assistant are performing gruesome experiments in their asylum lab and have resurrected the thrill-kill Motorcycle Club to capture a Bigfoot containing a pathogen that will allow them to perform a human head transplant. When news of the gang resurrection draws the attention of bounty hunters, law enforcement and rival gangs, the lofty aspirations of these mad scientist starts to spiral out of control. Things get even worse for the occupants when failed experiments escape from the basement and the lab is attacked by a bomb-happy femme fatale named Val. Paying homage to films like FASTER PUSSYCAT KILL KILL, THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB, and THE RE-ANIMATOR and inspired by the biker and exploitation films of yesteryear, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is everything you should love about old school cinema.

The film has genre favorites attached including Laurence T. Harvey (HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 & 3, THE EDITOR), Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY, ABC’s of DEATH 2) and Ellie Church (TIME TO KILL, HEADLESS). Plus all yourDEAR GOD NO! favorites like Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby, Paul McComiskey, Billy Rat, Jim Sligh, Rachel Morgan, John Collins, Nick Morgan and more! Celebrity Chef Jim Stacy (DEEP FRIED MASTERS, OFF BEAT EATS) returns as Bigfoot!

The film’s Kickstarter met it’s initial goal but still has 11 more days to make even more funds to ensure that the last independent 35 mm film is one for the record books. This is huge. This is historic.


This is fucking awesome.



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