CROW HANDSure, festival season is the time when you get to see some spectacular films, genre and otherwise, films that end up going on to viewer and critical acclaim. This year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) is already making waves, with the premiere of THE INVITATION showing attendees that they need to be ready for some solid storytelling. What I love about festivals just as much as those films though, are the huge amount of short films making their mark at their respective festivals, ones that utilize the short-form storytelling approach, into giving viewers a fun experience. One of my two favorite shorts this year (the second being the Anton Yelchin-led KISS, KISS, FINGERBANG) is Brian Lonano’s CROW HAND!!!, which made its premiere yesterday (3/13) and holy shit people, this is one hell of a time.

Featuring Jason Vail (VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH, GUT) and Caitlin McPhail (INVASION OF THE UNDEAD), the short revolves around a couple walking to their car and discovering a crow-like something that against the wife’s advice, the husband picks up. Sooner than you can say “bad mistake”, the crow gives both husband and wife one hell of a gory and bloody fate, which is extremely fun to watch. Hands get torn open, eyes gouges out and a hell of lot happens during the short’s running time, the horror doesn’t stop until the metal as f$&% credits appear, bringing a smile to any metalhead’s face.  It’s obvious that Lonano has a love for both the horror and the humor, because CROW HAND!!! is one of the most bloody yet hilarious shorts I’ve seen in ages. It’s such a blast and is more entertaining in its 3 minutes than a lot of horror films are in 90.

Having watching CROW HAND!!!, I am anxious as hell to see what Lonano and his producer wife Victoria Cook have up their sleeve with whatever project they have coming next. It’s a bloody, laugh out loud time that will bring one devilish smile to your face. WATCH IT!!