A Look Back At Rob G.’s FEARnet Video Interviews

This upcoming April will mark the one year anniversary of the dissolution of FEARnet, both as a network and a website. For me in particular, it’s difficult because a lot of the staff I was fortunate enough to share office space with worked really, really hard on the output that appeared both on the cable channel as interstitial content and on the website itself. We put our heart and souls into making it the brand you knew and loved.

Technically, my job title there was “web coordinator,” which essentially meant that I assisted my supervisor Chris Connors on all physical aspects of the FEARnet website. The great Lawrence Raffel was our editor-in-chief and the vice president of digital media for FEARnet and he put together an amazing team of writers and contributors such as Alyse Wax, Greg Burkart and John Squires to name a few and scheduled our article itinerary on a daily basis.

Once I got into the groove of things on both the tech side and as a online contributor, I was so fortunate to have an incredible video crew made up of the extremely talented Rhianne Bergado, Kyle Von Vonderen and Ben Koppin to collaborate with. Because of my ties and relationships within the horror community (primarily because of Icons Of Fright), I was able to invite friends to our offices and shoot new video interviews and segments with them, which our FEARnet video crew would then masterfully edit and put together in a way that far exceeded all expectations.

All ideas were met with enthusiasm and tackled head on. Everything from having Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton come in to talk the SAW sequels, or having Bill Lustig – director of the original MANIAC discuss his thoughts on the remake, to covering events like the Dead Right Horror Trivia or Run For Your Life zombie 5k races. Press junkets, Comic Con coverage, Scream Factory segments and beyond! We did a lot together. Which is why I’m happy to say that a good chunk of that video content still exists on the FEARnet You Tube page.

Feel free to investigate and stroll down memory lane at some of the fun things the FEARnet team put together. Below are a handful of video interviews and segments I produced and helped put together that I still remain incredibly proud of. And even though FEARnet itself doesn’t exist anymore as a brand or entity, it doesn’t mean we still can’t continue to celebrate it, or the hard work that all the people involved put into it. Enjoy!


EVIL DEAD (2013) Press Junket:


SCREAM FACTORY at SDCC 2013 with Adrienne Barbeau and Len Wein!

THE WORLD’S END SDCC 2013 Interviews:

Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton on SAW VI-VII

Bill Lustig on the MANIAC Remake:

HATCHET III Interviews:

Derek Mears on Edward in HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS:

COMPOUND FRACTURE Interview with Tyler Mane & Renae Geerlings:

Mick Garris Exclusive 4 Part Interview:

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