zwGood lord, have I had to slap myself in the face so many time lately. Continually being the ass that proclaims that the zombie subgenre has nothing new to offer, just to be broadsided with such VERY good films such as WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD, ZOMBIE KILLERS: ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD and now joining that group of fresh takes on the throat biters: ZOMBIEWORLD. Injecting not only a massive amount of energy into the somewhat stagnant zombie film subgenre, but also a sense of humor that will either make you laugh hysterically, or offend the hell out of you, the mulitple-director filled film is a breath of zombie fumed air, and something to watch for a genuinely wicked time.

While a film like this typically suffers from its wraparound, ZOMBIEWORLD never suffers that fate, instead giving us a recently bitten newscaster (played absolutely deadpan by genre regular Bill Oberst. Jr., RESOLUTION) who insists on reporting the worldwide epidemic of zombies, while his healthy slowly deteriorates throughout the film. Every single scene Oberst appears in brings a smile to your face, as the guy just steals the movie, in spades. His reporting on various locations throughout the world, and surprisingly one of those just happens to be a segment dedicated to Jesus and his followers. While it takes you out of the film for about ten seconds, the idea of a segment taking place during the days of Christ makes me laugh even writing this. I’m not a fan of giving spoilers away and hell, it’s a zombie movie, what do you expect?, but Jesus and his buddy Judas (which in itself is quite funny if you have any knowledge of the bible) go around and try to bring people back to life with the power of Christ and well…they just get resurrected as zombies, forcing Christ to open a serious can of whoop-ass. Need a glimpse?

Jesus doesn't take crap from zombies.
Jesus doesn’t take crap from zombies.

It’s that completely balls out approach to the film and EVERY single segment (and there are a LOT), that the many directors involved (wanna hear how many? Too bad, here they are: Adam Myette O’Brien, Adriàn Cardona, Cameron McCulloch, David Muñoz, Jared Marshall, Jesse Baget, Jonathan Brown, Luke Giudici, Paul Shrimpton, Peter Horn, Tomy Woodard, Vedran Marjanovic, and Zach Ramelan) all put their own stamp and approaches into their own parts, with everything from POV zombies to a cop biting off more than he can chew and unfortunately getting chewed on himself. It all works so perfectly for the film. It’s rare that I can tolerate a zombie movie, let alone laugh hysterically, and enjoy it as much as ZOMBIEWORLD. It’s an adrenalin shot to the heart, a panic attack of horror straight to your brain, a wild ride that just DOESN’T LOSE ITS MOMENTUM EVEN ONCE.

It’s a playful, bloody, gory, 150 miles an hour horror film that never loses its edge for a single second, giving multiple styles that all gel together to tell a cohesive klusterfuck of a story (in a good way) that keeps you smiling from ear to ear and wanting to see a sequel. That’s right Barton and Condit, you Dread Central crazies, I want more of this insanity. The bar for horror anthologies has been raised and I dare someone to attempt to reach the levels of this beauty. Fucking A.


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