Artist Spotlight: JEFF DELGADO And His Beautiful HORROR!!

68390_10151150539704998_897037894_nAs the digital age continues, we as viewers and watchers, tend to come across various forms or artwork that catch us off guard. Sometimes it’s as simple as discovering the trailer to a film you weren’t familiar with, and other times, like this one, something a bit more profound happens. The world is full of artists and their hard work, long hours, and creativity can go unnoticed for the most part.  If we at Icons of Fright can help spread the work of a VERY talented artist, and the phenomenal work that said artist is creating even just a little bit, then it makes us happy as hell to do so.

"Lopan" by Jeff Delgado
“Lopan” by Jeff Delgado

This week, we came across the work of digital artist Jeff Delgado, whose pieces of art not only capture the very essence and soul of the films he’s creating artwork to pay homage to, but there’s a very heavy feeling of emotion to each and every piece he does. It’s actually a little difficult to explain, so I’ll let some of the pieces speak for themselves, but we rarely see artists capture the feeling of youth in THE SHINING‘s Danny Torrance, the hopeful yet aging energy in Vincent Price’s creator character from EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, and the heartbreaking look of Roy Batty in BLADE RUNNER. I’m telling you fright fanatics, this is one artist that you need to keep an eye out for, because Delgado is the real deal, and he can definitely color us enthused, because his artwork is absolutely wonderful. We’ve included a gallery of Jeff’s prints, a lot of which you can see at purchase directly from him at . Visit Jeff Delgado’s site and by all means, tell him Icons of Fright sent ya!

Again, do yourselves a favor and see these, as well and many other AWESOME pieces by Delgado at his site here.

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