IFC Midnight Gearing Up Sci-Fi/Horror Hybrid EJECTA For A Theatrical/VOD Release This February!!

EJECTA_PosterThis movie had me from “Reclusive blogger”, but even taking that out of it, it sounds like one to check out. IFC Midnight, who has been kicking some major ass the last few years with many great releases, are getting ready to bring Chad Archibald (ANTISOCIAL) and Matt Wiele’s Sci-Fi/Horror hybrid EJECTA to both theaters and VOD beginning this February 27th. Written by PONTYPOOL and SEPTIC MAN writer Tony Burgess, the film deals with a writer (MAN OF STEEL‘s Julian Richings) and a filmmaker (EXIT HUMANITY‘s Adam Seybold ) being hunted by an alien life-form. Being a massive fan of all things Extraterrestrial, I am definitely down for this one, but what do you fright fanatics think?

“Reclusive blogger Bill Cassidy (Richings) claims to be the subject of a horrific alien haunting that has plagued him for a majority of his life. Documentary filmmaker Joe Sullivan (Seybold) receives a mysterious email from Cassidy’s online alias one night with instructions to meet him the following day to discuss the unexplainable possession. As Cassidy tells his story on the eve of a historic solar storm an unidentified flying object crash lands on the property and Joe Sullivan films the entire thing. As the two men fight for their lives while the terrifying life form hunts them an anonymous intelligence group descends on the farm to ensure they are the only ones who can control the information regarding what Bill has witnessed. Lead by the insane and soulless Dr. Tobin (Houle) this group will stop at nothing to prove to the world that we were never alone in the universe.”

EJECTA stars Julian Richings, Lisa Houle (PONTYPOOL) and Adam Seybold.

EJECTA hits theaters and VOD beginning February 27th, via IFC Midnight.

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