THE SOPRANOS’ Michael Imperioli Leads Based On True Events Haunted Neighborhood Film FORECLOSURE; Hitting VOD/DVD This February

unnamed (6)If there is a show that still scares the living hell out of me, even as an adult, that show is Unsolved Mysteries. It just gets under my skin every single time I watch it. One episode of that show in particular, is the one titled, “Black Hope“, an episode that revolved around a series of houses that were seemingly haunted by the ghosts of people buried under the land many years ago, with the new housing developments build on top of the land. It’s a scary as all hell episode, and though I get creeped out every time I think about it, I’ve always thought it would make for a great film.

Fast forward to today, when the folks at Virgil films sent us the press release for their upcoming DVD release of Richard Ledes’ FORECLOSURE, a film that sound eerily close to that Unsolved Mysteries episode, with the press release even mentioning the film being ripped from the headlines. Whether or not it IS based on those events doesn’t matter to this horror aficionado, because just based on the film’s premise, I am already on board with this one, which hits VOD on February 3rd, with a DVD releasing following the very next week, on February 10th.

“Bill Landopolous (Michael Imperioli of The Sopranos and Goodfellas), his son Steven (Spencer List, Black Dog, Red Dog) and his father-in-law Ray (Bill Raymond, Damages, Michael Clayton) move into the Queens, New York, home of their recently deceased relative Cal, who took his own life. The three hope to put their cares behind them and start afresh. But things get off to a shaky start when a local police officer (Matt Servitto, The Sopranos) points out all the numerous foreclosures, bank-owned properties and short sales that have depopulated the once-attractive neighborhood he patrols. Will such a desolate street be healthy for these three damaged people?

At first, moving into the new (old) house turns out to be a tonic for the stressed-out Bill. He cleans out Cal’s rank old refrigerator and spit-shines his business shoes. Bill even manages to tolerate the racist rants of his half-medicated, nearly senile father-in-law. But the rants, which begin as complaints about Bill’s Greek heritage, become an ever-present echo of the past when young Steven, exploring the dank basement, discovers an old black-and-white photograph of a lynching. Soon, Steven and his father and grandfather come to suspect that it’s not just the three of them living in the house.”

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  1. […] Last month we brought you the news that Virgil Films’ upcoming UNSOLVED MYSTERIES-esque FORECLOSURE was hitting VOD today, and then to DVD next week on February 10th. If that’s your sort of thing then you’re in luck, because we’ve been provided with an exclusive clip of the horror starring Michael Imperioli and BREAKING BAD‘s David Costabile. […]

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