Rutger Hauer Leads Sci-Fi Thriller RPG; Arriving on DVD/VOD February 10th

unnamed (4)Rutger Hauer can do no wrong in my opinion, the man is great in everything. Everything from BLADE RUNNER,  all the way to HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, he always adds a lot to every single film he’s in, so his upcoming return to Sci-Fi in RPG (out February 10th via Arc Entertainment) sounds like something to get on board with. Judging from the trailer, the visual fx are quite impressive, and the plot of the film seems like an interesting one, with Hauer’s character dying from a terminal disease and desperate to continue living. What do you fright fanatics think?

“In a future world not too far away, multimillionaire Steve Battier (Rutger Hauer) is dying from a terminal disease. He accepts an offer from a biotechnological company that provides a very select group of clients the opportunity to be young again and free from disease… but there is a catch. Steve is joined by 9 other powerful players of the world, and they scheme against each other to survive. It soon turns into a game of death for all but one. He will enjoy all the seductions of youth, but may have to pay the ultimate price. “

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RPG hits DVD/VOD on Feburary 10th, via Arc Entertainment.

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