THE GUEST: Blu-Ray Review (You really, really need to buy this)


As I stated in my end of the year top 15 film list; “Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s YOU’RE NEXT was my favorite horror film of 2013, and their genre bending action/horror/thriller THE GUEST was probably my favorite theatrical experience of 2014.  Thanks to a limited theatrical run, I drove nearly an hour just to see this film, and my date and I were the only ones in the theatre.  I loved YOU’RE NEXT, but THE GUEST was truly next-level for these guys.  Dan Stevens as “David” is the new Christopher Sarandon’s “Jerry Dandridge,” and the soundtrack is absolutely to die for.  Everything about this film was carefully thought out and executed, and it shows.  Every moment, every frame is cinematically stunning, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.”  THE GUEST is one of those films that you get excited to show to other people, and thanks to the Blu-Ray Combo Pack, you can.

THE GUEST is a great film to watch in the theatres, but the Blu-Ray is so well crafted that it makes the purchase more than worth the price.  The film looks absolutely stunning on Blu.  Dan Stevens’ blue eyes jump off the screen and pierce into your soul, and your libido.  There are a lot of visually stimulating instances in the scene (a haunted maze, a hyper-lit party, a shoot out, etc.) and the Blu really emphasizes its cinematic beauty.  Sound wise, it’s fucking dynamite.  Many critics have been praising the film’s soundtrack (and with good reason) but it’s the sound design that really sets it above.  The intensity always matches what is going on in Dan Stevens’ mind, even if he’s merely sitting and staring out of a window. Music always acts as an additional character in Wingard/Barrett films, and THE GUEST‘s sound might be their best yet.  During the party scenes and the super intense climax, the sound starts to close in all around you.  If you have a good system in your home, prepare to feel your adrenaline skyrocket when shit hits the fan. Every moment in this film was carefully crafted and their attention to detail shows through.

My biggest desire to spring for the Blu-Ray was easily for the extras.  The deleted scenes were pretty fascinating to watch, and I think that had some of them been included, it would have totally changed the way we view the “Anna” character.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but watch the deleted scene “Zeke’s Bedroom” and you’ll see what I mean.  There’s a Q&A with Dan Stevens that is weirdly short, but I’d probably donate limbs to hear him talk for twelve seconds.  Stevens lets out some pretty cool facts about the soundtrack and geeks out a little bit over YOU’RE NEXT.  Swoon.  However, the extra I looked forward to the most was the commentary with Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, and it’s just as great as I had anticipated.  Wingard and Barrett are both fascinating people and laugh-out-loud funny, but they’re also ridiculously intelligent.  There are a lot of fun facts littered throughout the film and some pretty sound advice for anyone interested in making a movie.  If you enjoyed THE GUEST as much as I did, the commentary is a must have.  THE GUEST is available on VOD platforms already, but I’d consider this Blu-Ray a must purchase.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment will release the Blu-ray Combo Pack of THE GUEST on January 6th.

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