Gory As Hell TURBO KID Set To Make Its Debut At 2015 Sundance Film Festival!

“A post-apocalyptic, BMX-powered, blood-splattered love story that follows the epic journey of an orphaned outcast reluctant to be a hero in the wasteland of an alternate future.”  Sold! The completely over-the-top, gory-filled TURBO KID is set to make its blood-splattered debut at the upcoming 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and judging from that description (along with the still sent to us), it looks like the kind of fx-heavy good time that fills up my cheery dreams at night. Not really, I don’t dream of that, it’s usually just about my wife, but still..ya get the point. THIS IS EXCITING GUYS!

Still from TURBO KID! (c) JPBernier

Directed by  RKSS (Roadkill Superstar): Anouk Whissell, François Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissell, TURBO KID is a film of epic partnership, it’s produced by EMAfilms’ Anne-Marie Gélinas and Benoit Beaulieu (the great MARS & AVRIL) and T&A Films’ Ant Timpson and Tim Riley (HOUSEBOUND, ABC’s OF DEATH 2), and executive produced by Epic Pictures Group’s Patrick Ewald and Shaked Berenson (BIG ASS SPIDER!, the upcoming TALES OF HALLOWEEN anthology); Raven Banner’s Michael Paszt and Curious Films’ Matt Noonan and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN director Jason Eisener. While all of that might seem like a lot of people doing a lot of things, the fact is that the film was obviously produced, championed and crafted by some of the best up and coming producers/filmmakers (RKSS themselves have directed over 20 shorts, including LE BAGMAN, T IS FOR TURBO and DEMONITRON..these guys are the real deal and absolutely crazy in the best of ways).

The directing team had this to say regarding the film: “We always envisioned TURBO KID to be like some lost crazy kid’s movie from the 1980s that’s somehow has just been rediscovered,” said RKSS. “We wanted a love story with the exploitation elements we grew up with, a post-apocalyptic scenario, over-the-top gore FX, super turbo explosions and a few BMX tricks for good measure. We were going for a retro inspired aesthetic, not just from an overall visual presentation, but from how the narrative unfolds. We wanted TURBO KID to appeal to a whole new generation of warped kids (and crazy adults).”

If anyone of you fright fiends are heading to Sundance this coming year, feel absolutely free to not only count yourselves lucky, but also punch yourself right in the face for beating me to the punch at seeing this one. TURBO KID!!

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