TWILIGHT ZONE Fans Get Ready: The Most Epic TZ Boxset Arrives Next Week (Nov.11th)!!

TZ5D_BEAUTY_CLOSEDHoly shit. Sorry for the profanities being right up front there, but is there really anything else that could be said about what is destined to be the most comprehensive TWILIGHT ZONE boxset of all time (and we all know there have been a lot!)? November 11th marks THE TWILIGHT ZONE day, as Image Entertainment is releasing THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE 5TH DIMENSION Limited Edition Boxset, which contains (for the first time EVER) Rod Serling’s original series which ran from 1959-1964, as well as the 1985-1989 series, all in one set.

Limited to 7,500 pieces, the boxset is hitting shelves online and off at a SRP of $349.98. While that might seem like a chunk of change, if you think about it, you’re getting an INSANE amount of TWILIGHT ZONE, enough to binge watch so much that it’ll alienate your entire family, make your wife leave you and get you fired over how much content there is to go through. Both series together makes 225 (!) episodes, and the set contains of of four collectible TWILIGHT ZONE comic books from the ’60s, a pretty awesome black and white 3D packaging, and enough special features to make your head explode enough to rival SCANNERS.



Over 20 hours of bonus features include:

  • New featurettes with never-before-seen interviews
  • The “American Masters” documentary Rod Serling: Submitted For Your Approval
  • Dozens of audio commentaries previously available only on blu-ray
  • Rod Serling interviews, lectures and appearances
  • Interviews with cast and crew
  • Original sponsor billboards
  • Isolated music scores

TZ5D_BEAUTY_OPENAs a lifelong fan of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, I’m drooling just writing this one, it’s worth cashing in your kids’ college savings and forking it over to secure one of the 7,5000 made. Who needs college anyway, when you can have Rod Serling’s classic and legendary TV show IN ITS ENTIRETY?!

For more information and to pre-order your copy, visit Amazon here.

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