Short Film Review: FEAR

*Editor’s note: Icons of Fright’s friend, Derek Smith, tackled a couple of reviews for us recently and Steve Kahn’s new short film, FEAR, is one of them. Hitting the festival circuit pretty hard right now, FEAR has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and naturally we wanted to take a look at it. Check out what Derek had to say!-Jerry

Steve Kahn's FEAR
Steve Kahn’s FEAR

While most of us search out movies, books, even music to scare us, we usually don’t have to search for any external source of terror. Our own minds like to frighten us as we go about our days, and even more so during our nights. The slightest sound can make us jump, the smallest shadow making us imagine something that lurks within stalking us.

The short film FEAR by Steve Kahn tackles this exact thought, masterfully so. FEAR taps into that by showing us something as simple as a girl trying to bathe at night while home alone. She’s waiting for her lover to come home, and decides to wind down after shaving her legs and then bathing. Slight noises that are out of the ordinary make her pause, so she opts to drown them out by playing the radio loudly. That works for a while until we realize that she’s not alone in the house after all.

Beautifully shot and scored, FEAR portrays its purpose quickly and efficiently in its 14 minute running time. Jessie Rabideau does a great job as the lead to exhibit fear, quickly followed by relief and embarrassment when things aren’t as bad as they seem. She has to keep going through this cycle until the haunting ending.
Why do we do this to ourselves? Do we crave adrenaline so much that we have to invent ways to amp ourselves up? Or is it just a way to keep us on our toes, ready for anything, whether that be fight or flight? While FEAR doesn’t answer these questions, it definitely gets your mind going.

Currently making its mark while hitting the festival circuit, FEAR can next be seen at the upcoming MALTA HORROR FILM FESTIVAL.

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