GracePossesion_3D_FrontLeftIt is safe to say that there is no shortage of films out right now that involve someone being possessed by a demonic entity. When done right, those types of films can scare even the most hardcore horror aficionado. We love that stuff, so naturally, it’s safe to say our outlook on them is to say “bring them on”. With those hopes of seeing good ones, we get Jeff Chan’s unique and original GRACE: THE POSSESSION, which proves just how terrifying these films can be.

Grace (Alexis Fast) is a lovely and painfully innocent eighteen year old about to embark on an important life experience that is college. Due to a tragic occurrence at her birth, Grace has been raised by her religious fanatic grandmother, Helen (Lin Shaye). That religious fanaticism of her grandmother somehow adds an even creepier vibe to the tone of the film. Things start to get extremely weird once Grace attempts to get settled into her new dorm, and begins trying to adjust to her new surroundings. When a college party incident occurs, Helen pulls Grace out of school to spend her days attending mass and praying. As Grace tries to cope with her issues, there seems to be a stronger force who has different plans for her soul and body. While her mental health seems to be unraveling, so does the truth about why she is being targeted by an evil force.

There are a few things about GRACE: THE POSSESSION that really stands out from a lot of horror films and ones that are shot similarly.  It’s a POV film, but they go above and beyond to tell the story through the eyes of Grace and the demon possessing her. It’s interesting because it allows the audience to see through the eyes of someone who is possessed, and it adds a very scary element to the film, seeing a possession film THROUGH the possessed. The only way you are able to see Grace herself is when she is looking at herself in a mirror, and we see her applying lipstick, exploring her new campus, and we eventually see her start to become unraveled and act very clearly unlike herself. It’s a genre film definitely worth watching just to see how intense and eerie a film can become just from the way you are able to view the film from a demon’s point of view. Another standout element of GRACE: THE POSSESSION is how the tone changes depending on what Grace is going through. At first, we see a sweet, polite young lady with a bright, promising future, and as things begin to go downhill and as things start to get serious, the film takes on a very dark theme and gradually becomes something very sinister and the camera does a great job capturing how visually frightening it all is.

A pattern that seems to be going on with most possession films out now, is how unique each one tries to be. Each one has its own story, interesting characters, and of course, ways to make you scream and jump, which is why we need these films set in this subgenre, and we need them to be interesting and different like this film. GRACE: THE POSSESSION is unlike anything you have ever seen, and it will probably keep you up past your bedtime.

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