GHOSTLIGHT Director Jeff Ferrell Tackles Serial Killer Film LADYKILLER This November; Poster Debut!

Jeff Ferrell's GHOSTLIGHT was an indie horror film that did it right.

Jeff Ferrell’s GHOSTLIGHT was an indie horror film that did it right.

Jeff Ferrell’s haunted theater film, GHOSTLIGHT, was one that I really liked (review) and latched onto. Having been a fan of Jeff’s previous film, I found myself wondering what kind of movie  he would tackle next, and it seems that the time for that question to be answered is now, as Ferrell sent Icons of Fright a brand new poster for his upcoming Serial Killer horror film LADYKILLER. Giving up ghosts for real terror, LADYKILLER revolves around a serial killer, making his mark while killing people on a long road trip murder spree, until he comes across a woman who makes him second guess his spree. I’m a big fan of the serial killer sub-genre of horror, and Ferrell has an eye for detail and imagination, so I for one, am anxious to see what comes of the film, when Jeff brings it to audiences next year.

Ferrell had the following to say about the film and it’s upcoming production:

LADYKILLER is a psychological serial killer movie starring Brian Sutherland (GHOSTLIGHT, Z NATION) as the titular charismatic killer with a way with women. With this film, we aim to explore the psychological depths of a deranged mind, and to follow the cruel and twisted life path one must take in order to become a monster.  The film will be a disturbing portrait of madness, while remaining thoroughly entertaining and compulsively watchable. As humans, we pass by people on the street every day, many of whom we exchange smiles and conversations with. Some we even let into our personal lives and become close with. But how do we really know who people are beneath the surface, and what kind of evil could be lurking behind their charming smiles?”

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The film is written and directed by Jeff Ferrell (GHOSTLIGHT), and produced by Jeff Ferrell and Lance Gilbert through their production company Enlighten Media Group. The movie starts filming this November, and will debut in 2015.

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