Double Feature Adventures: AMERICAN MUSCLE (2014) & MS. 45 (1980)

AMBRIt’s been a few weeks since the last Double Feature Adventures article, and with good reason. Natty’s been off working as the Mayor of Boca Raton, Florid and well, I’ve been in an underground bunker, preparing for the inevitable apocalypse. Ok, so none of that is accurate, Natty has been hitting up Disneyland and various other sights and I’ve been watching an insane amount of movie, so scheduling just didn’t line up until this wonderful double feature, and it’s a good one. We like to put a theme to our Double Feature Adventures articles, and if there was one for the two films we picked this week, it would be good old fashioned REVENGE.

My love for revenge films is an epic one, and there are always so many to choose from, but I thought it would be fun to show Natty two that she hadn’t seen yet, a new one as well as one of my all time favorites from the ’80s. So, get your fast cars, King Diamond-like face paint, and nun with a gun outfits out, because it’s time for a Double Feature Adventure of AMERICAN MUSCLE & MS. 45!!


Jerry: I’m a huge fan of exploitation films from every era, the ’50’s, ’60’s, pretty much up to these days. A lot of films that try to recapture that approach these days tend to feel more like caricatures or parodies of the great sleazy gems of the old days, but AMERICAN MUSCLE doesn’t feel that way to me. It oozes everything that made old school exploitation fun, being completely full of a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, and filled to the brim with enough blood, boobs, cars and blowing peoples’ faces off to please the most hardcore fan. As soon as I came across this one, I knew Natty would love it.

Natty: And you were right! I did love it. To me, it felt like how I imagine it would be if the exploitation genre was still being made, and had never stopped being a thing. Like, a modern way of filming the old school flicks we love. It had everything that make a great exploitation film, but with all of the modern greatness of now technology (and the actors were great). I think I may have found one of my new favorites. Also, you forgot all the butt cheeks. A lot of butt cheeks were in this, so everyone should watch it….support butts being in film!

Jerry: Yeah, the butt cheeks were an added plus. I mean, I don’t like objectifying women, but in the world of exploitation films, I’m a fan of butt cheeks in cut off jean shorts, close ups from the POV of someone on the ground, etc. Plus, what’s up with the insane amount of people getting shot in the face? Principe means business in this one. In the LAID TO REST movies, he slashed people up, but the dude was all about guns in this one.

Natty: I’ll buy tickets to his gun show any day. But yes…a great exploitation usually shows some skin (mostly female, but I would love to see sexy man skin, maybe in part 2?), and totally doesn’t skimp on the violence and catchy lines that need to be said before most kills.

Jerry: Speaking of, what was your favorite one-liner in this one? YOU OWE, YOU PAY?

Natty: Yes, that one was great. I loved how that became his quote for most situations for the film. My personal favorite wasn’t a one-liner he actually said, but an action toward the end when he silenced someone nagging at him, I don’t want to spoil anything for those who need to watch it…but it was definitely the best.

Jerry: Hahahah, I know exactly what you’re talking about and yeah, that makes me laugh every time I see that part. Completely unexpected and a real WTF moment. Honestly, I’d really like to see a sequel to this one. I mean, I know (without giving too much away) the deed’s kinda been done and who else would he be pissed at, but AMERICAN MUSCLE just feels like those old grindhouse films that had tons of sequels. I’d love to see more of Principe shooting people in the face, more butt cheeks and well..more middle aged women getting banged in the back seat of their cars after picking up recently released convicts…but maybe that’s just me.

Natty: You are totally not alone. I think this one has potential to be a trilogy, because I really would like more AMERICAN MUSCLE in my life. Well, I didn’t want to say anything…but I think the idea of the middle aged woman picking up convicts may have been inspired by my life.

Jerry: I don’t even think you’re talking about the movie when you say that, so we’ll move onto MS. 45 now…you perv


Jerry: MS. 45 is one of my favorite films of all time, and I’m always extremely stoked to show it to people who haven’t had the chance to see it yet. What did you think?

Natty: Ah yes. I really enjoyed MS.45 I don’t understand why I hadn’t seen it sooner. It was unlike any revenge film I’ve ever seen. You find yourself feeling sorry for her the entire film, so when she snaps it’s kind of like…well, yeah I guess that would happen to someone who just went through some crazy shit.

Jerry: I love how at first, you think it’s just going to be another rape-revenge film, where the victim goes after her attackers, but as the films goes on, she doesn’t just go after them, but after sleazy men, then just men in general. It’s actually quite scary, as a male, to think of someone snapping and just deciding to blast any male. I might stay in doors permanently now, out of the fear of women in nun costumes holding .45s and shooting up Halloween parties. I could picture YOU doing that actually!

Natty: I would probably shoot up a party that insisted on playing lyric-less music, paired with the worst dancing of all time.

Jerry: I actually own the soundtrack…so..

Natty: Halloween party at your place? Bring all your guy friends!!

Jerry: I do find it somewhat interesting that the star of MS. 45 wrote BAD LIEUTENANT, which is pretty gnarly itself.

Natty: Totally! And she is amazing in her role. I feel that character was made for her, she was great.

Jerry: Definitely. Well, that concludes this week’s Double Feature Adventure. What’s on the agenda for next week? Are we FINALLY going to do our long-delayed JAWS/DEEP BLUE SEA article?

Natty: Yes!! Will there also be video of you rapping along to LL Cool J’s hit song from DEEP BLUE SEA?

Jerry: Duh!

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