Shot On Video DEATHERMAN Released From Retrosploitation; Looks Likes S.O.V. Fun

deathermanDVDCoverWEBThe ’90s were full of big budget studio horror entries, like SCREAM, URBAN LEGEND and even some good ones like DEMON KNIGHT (SCREAM fans relax, I’m just messing with ya), but the movies that were always the most fun to check out for me, were the ones friends would make on crappy VHS camcorders that were bigger than my head. Shot and mostly (or full) edited in camera, I spent a lot of time checking them out and while a lot of people would laugh at how cheap they looked, I laughed in pure enjoyment. I still get a kick out watching those movies, and from the looks of this announcement, so do other horror fans.

Retrosploitation, specializing in independent cult and horror films, has released the 2012 shot on VHS horror film, DEATHERMAN to DVD and judging from the premise (a scorned weatherman brought back to life by acid rain) AND trailer, it looks like one hell of a S.O.V. fun time.


“In a small populated town, located in Cyphers County there’s a quaint crew of newscasters at Action 13 News. Dalton Law (John Kasper), the beloved local weatherman, never missed a day of work or misguided his town’s people to imperfect forecasts. Dalton’s days are predictable, down to his morning coffee and daily bathroom run-ins with anchorman Dan Anders (Mike Gavern). However, Dalton predicts an acid rain storm in the evening but does not predict his unfortunate demise by Holley Cooper (Dominique Capone), the psychopathic new intern on her way to becoming a lead weatherman, or should we say “weatherwoman”.

The next morning Dalton awakens… dirty, bloody and confused. His once unquestionable priority to go to work has been erased. Now Dalton is here for revenge and must kill anyone that gets in his way!”

DEATHERMAN is now available on DVD via Retrosploitation, and can be purchased on their site.


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